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Challenges Did Not Stop a Master Builder in Seattle from Creating a Wow-Worthy Transitional Style Custom Wine Cellar

Transitional Residential Custom Wine Cellar in Seattle with Metal and Wood Wine Racks

Transitional Residential Custom Wine Cellar in Seattle with Metal and Wood Wine Racks

Transitional design is a trend in the construction industry. It has captured the hearts of residential owners who want to create a unique space in their homes. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars completed a wine room conversion project in Seattle using wood, metal, and glass components. Learn more about this project and be inspired! 

Unique Transitional Style Custom Wine Cellar Built for a Seattle Home  

Custom Wine Cellars Seattle has been working with master builders, like Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, in transforming spaces into stylish and functional wine storage facilities. 

In one of their recent projects, they had to build a wine cellar designed with a combination of traditional and modern styles. With their extensive experience in wine cellar construction, they were able to create a wow-worthy wine room despite the structural challenges that came their way      

How Coastal Custom Wine Cellars Dealt with the Challenges 

The Coastal team had to utilize the room that was originally an office with three walls. The challenging part was dealing with the characteristics of each wall. Obstacles would never hinder them from meeting the requirements and providing the needs of their clients.  

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars made a careful assessment to help them determine the ideal design for the racking and where to position them on the walls to create a wow-worthy wine display. 

Solution Provided by the Master Builder in Seattle to Protect the Owner’s Wine Collection Without Ruining the Aesthetic Appeal of the Custom Wine Cellar in Seattle 

Challenges in Custom Wine Cellar Construction in Seattle

Challenges in Custom Wine Cellar Construction in Seattle

The left wall had two large windows that led to the backyard allowing natural sunlight to illuminate the area. As a knowledgeable builder, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars knew that too much heat is detrimental to wine. Therefore, they had to find a solution to this without removing the windows or tearing down the wall.  

The back wall, which faces the kitchen and stairs, was previously a doorless entrance to the office and had an irregular shape. The right wall was shared with the garage. 

Creating a Beautiful Backdrop Using Stacked Stone  
Stacked Stone Added Character to this Custom Wine Cellar in Seattle

Stacked Stone Added Character to this Custom Wine Cellar in Seattle

They made sure that the windows in the room’s interior were sealed, covered, and insulated correctly. They covered the left wall with stacked stone, resulting in a beautiful backdrop of the racking. The stones were also added to the topmost section of the 8-foot tall racking on the back and right walls.       

Working with an Odd-Shaped Opening 

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars had worked with projects where the shape of the room was unusual. With their expertise, they were able to cope with the challenge and came up with a great design.    

For this particular project, they had to deal with the unusual shape of the entryway. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars removed part of the wall to open up the area going to the wine cellar and installed a contemporary-style door.   

Stylish Custom Wine Racks 

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars combined two design concepts (traditional and contemporary) to create a transitional wine rack system. They had to make sure that these stylistic ideas were harmonious so as not to dominate one racking over the other. By using the right finishes, stains, and correct placement of the elements, the Coastal team was able to achieve this goal. 

Metal Wine Racks  

VintageView Metal Wine Racks Installed by Seattle Master Wine Cellar Builders

VintageView Metal Wine Racks Installed by Seattle Master Wine Cellar Builders

On the left wall, which was covered with stone, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars installed the VintageView metal wine racks. These floor-to-ceiling wine racks display the bottles in a label-forward configuration. Since the labels are facing out, the owners do not have to flip the bottle to see its description. 

To make metal wine racks pop on the stonewall and to match the appeal of the Mahogany wooden wine racks, the Coastal team applied a Black Stain finish on the storage units. They also utilized double deep racking to increase the bottle capacity of this transitional custom wine cellar in Seattle.         

Durable and Stylish Wooden Wine Racks 

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars wanted to make sure that the wooden wine racks would match the kitchen cabinetry and the reclaimed wine barrel flooring in the living area. They thought the best wood to use for the wine racks was Malaysian Mahogany. They had to make the racks look like they were constructed from the same material as that of the cabinetry in the kitchen.   

Malaysian Mahogany is famous for its stability, strength, and visual appeal. It looks more attractive with the right choice of stain and finishes. For this residential custom wine cellar project in Seattle, we stained the wooden wine racks with Early American (also known as Sherwin Williams formula) and finished them with an eggshell lacquer to add luster.  

Bottle Configurations 

Wooden Wine Cellar Racks Made from Malaysian Mahogany Manufactured by Creative Seattle Builders

Wooden Wine Cellar Racks Made from Malaysian Mahogany Manufactured by Creative Seattle Builders

When deciding on what wine rack styles to incorporate into the design, it is crucial that your chosen custom wine cellar builder in Seattle considers, not only the shape of your wine room but the bottle sizes in your collection as well.  

On this project, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars included column wine racks at the top section of the right wall. They also added a display row in the middle section, which allows a few bottles to be highlightedBelow the display row, you will find horizontal bins intended for storing large-format bottles and diamond bins for bulk storage.    

The back wall consists of wooden cabinetry with a tabletop, drawers, and cabinets. The tabletop serves as a serving and tasting area while the drawers and a 2-door cabinet provide a storage place for the client’s accessories and accouterments. On both sides of the cabinet are column wine racks.   

Above the tabletop, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars added adjustable shelves made of 3/8” thick tempered glass. There is a stemware rack made of wood that hangs the glasses upside down. 

Wine Cellar Cooling System      

To complete the wine cellar and help it function as a safe wine storage place, a wine cellar cooling system was needed. Since there was no wall that led directly outdoors, extensive ducting was required.  

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars did not choose a ducted wine cooling unit, to avoid ducting through the home for heat dissipation and to help the owners save moneyInstead, they used a self-contained refrigeration system by CellarPro. Using the 4200 model required a rear duct adaptor and a 6” diameter flex duct to redirect the hot air exhaust produced by the condenser.  

Make Use of that Extra Space in Your Home. Let a Master Builder in Seattle Build Your Dream Custom Wine Cellar. 

Are you dreaming of building a unique custom wine cellar? Custom Wine Cellars Seattle works with professional designers like Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, in creating a safe and stylish wine room for your collection.  

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