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Clogged Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Condenser: How an HVAC Expert and Contractor in Seattle Solved the Problem

Mario Morales M&M Cellar Systems Refrigeration Expert in Seattle

Mario Morales, Founder and Lead Technician of M&M Cellar Systems Wine Refrigeration in Seattle

Problems with your wine cellar refrigeration system can occur anytime, and sometimes, it is too late before you discover them. If you want to avoid wine storage issues, experts recommend that you avail yourself of a maintenance plan for your wine cellar cooling unit. Learn how one of our partners in Seattle provided excellent repair service to a homeowner whose cooling system failed to function correctly.   

Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Not Working Properly: How an Expert in Seattle Solved it.  

The main reason wine collectors invest in a private wine cellar is to protect their wines from damage. One of the reasons a wine storage facility fails to perform its function is that the wine cooling unit installed in it is not functioning correctly. 

At Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, we work with top-notch wine cellar refrigeration experts to help clients enjoy wine collecting for many years to come. 

One of our partners in wine room construction is M&M Cellar Systems. In a recent project, they received a service call from the homeowners, who reported that their wine cooling unit had not been cooling the room efficiently. The ideal temperature for a wine cellar is 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.   

What are the Negative Effects of a Faulty Wine Cellar Refrigeration System? 

Custom Wine Cellars Seattle and M&M Cellar Systems recommend that you avail yourself of a maintenance plan to safeguard your collection. Always keep in mind that M&M Cellar System’s maintenance plan will detect problems earlier and keep your wine cellar cooling unit in its best condition.  

If not addressed immediately and correctly, a malfunctioning wine cellar refrigeration system can cause your wine storage structural and financial problems. To avoid disappointments, make sure that you work with a reliable company.  

Ruined Wines Due to High Temperatures  

HS-3600 Model Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit Before the Repair Service by a Reliable Seattle HVAC Experts

HS-3600 Model Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Before the Repair Service by a Reliable Seattle HVAC Experts

If the cooling unit fails to maintain the optimum environment for your wine room, your favorite vintage will be spoiledTemperatures higher than the normal range will cause premature aging of the wine, affecting its texture, flavors, and aroma.  

Moreover, a faulty wine cellar cooling unit can also cause mold growth, which can affect your wine’s quality and the structural integrity of your wine cellar. Mold can grow in the cork and contaminate the wine. Insufficient cooling by your system can be caused by clogged and dirty wine cellar condenser coils or low levels of refrigerant.      

Increase in Energy Consumption and System Break Down  

When the condenser of your wine cellar cooling unit is clogged, there will be a decrease in efficiency. The unit will work harder to cool your wine room, resulting in higher energy consumption, along with damage to your cooling system. When your wine cellar cooling unit breaks down, you will have to spend on the replacement of the equipment.         

How M&M Cellar Systems Diagnosed the Problemthe Main Reason Why the Refrigeration Unit was Not Cooling the Residential Wine Cellar in Seattle  

Clogged Wine Cellar Refrigeration Condenser Repair Service by Seattle Experts

Clogged Wine Cellar Cooling Condenser Serviced by Seattle Specialists

After M&M Cellar Systems received a call from the client in Seattle, they visited the site and diagnosed the problem. For this particular repair service, the reason for the wine cooling system failure was that the condenser, which was placed outdoors, was clogged up with animal hair from the owner’s pet dogs. They found out that the clogged air intake of the system had been happening for a long time.    

The condenser is a component of your system that is responsible for producing cold air in your wine cellar. It condenses the gas to its liquid state. It contains the coils, fans, and compressor.  

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Repair was Completed Successfully by an Expert in Seattle  

Usually, this type of problem can break down the wine cellar refrigeration system, requiring the owner to replace the unit. However, in this case, the homeowners were lucky because their existing HS (High Static) 3600 wine cellar cooling unit was able to operate normally after the repair was completed. This type of climate control system is powerful and is known for its superior performance, making it ideal for large residential wine cellars.  

M&M Cellar Systems performed a complete cleanup. They were able to encourage the owners to sign up for an ongoing maintenance plan so they could experience maximum benefits, including protecting their 1,500-bottle wine collection. 

What is a Regular Maintenance Plan, and How Can You Benefit from it?    

Many homeowners find it inconvenient to call an HVAC service company to have their wine cellar refrigeration system serviced by a Seattle expert. Keep in mind that problems with cooling systems can occur at unexpected times. Leaving minor issues unattended can result in a significant expense in the future.  

Inclusion of M&M Cellar Systems Proactive Maintenance Plan 

Home Wine Cellar with a Clogged Wine Refrigeration System in Seattle

Home Wine Cellar with a Clogged Wine Cellar Cooling Unit in Seattle

When you sign up for a regular maintenance plan, problems will be discovered earlier and fixed immediately. M&M Cellar Systems will provide a schedule convenient to you for the inspection of your unit, its operation, and its components (internal and external).  

They will also check for wine cellar leaks, making sure that your wine room is sealed tightly. They will remind you when your system is due for service maintenance.    

  • 40-day Health Check After the Installation of the Unit 
  • Yearly 6-Month Interim Service 
  • 12-Month Full Service Annually 

Seek Solution to Your Wine Cellar Refrigeration Problem. Hire an HVAC Specialist in Seattle.  

M&M Cellar Systems has been providing wine cellar refrigeration solutions both for residential and commercial applications. They specialize in designing and installing climate control systems. They also offer repair and maintenance services for wine cellar cooling units in Seattle. 

If you are looking for a reliable HVAC specialist and wine cellar contractor in Seattle who has extensive experience and passion for wine cellar cooling, please talk to one of our specialists by calling +1 (206) 792-9912.