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Seattle Custom Wine Cellar Floors – Vapor Barriers, Types of Flooring Options and More…


Wine Barrel Flooring Adds a Vintage Touch to Custom Wine Cellars in Seattle

Wine Barrel Flooring Adds a Vintage Touch to Custom Wine Cellars in Seattle


Climate-controlled wine cellars are incomplete without proper insulation.  When we talk about wine cellar insulation, we do not just mean insulation on the walls and ceiling.  It should include the wine cellar flooring.  Yes, you read that right! 

When thinking about the flooring for home custom wine cellars, you should remember that it is part of a climate-controlled (refrigerated) room.

If you would like your residential wine cellar flooring to be exceptional, consider having it make the ultimate statement like no other flooring can offer. Custom wine cellar flooring made from real original Napa Valley Oak Barrels will make it truly unique.

This is a part of the wine cellar design that a lot of people forget about when creating a wine cellar in their home.

Assuming the floor in your cellar is above ground, you should add the same vapor barrier and insulation that you do to your walls and ceiling. Your custom wine cellar in Seattle should be wrapped up tight, just like a package. If your floor is on a cement slab that rests on the ground, you can get away with adding a vapor barrier only to the cement before applying your floor covering.

Preparing the Floor 

Reclaimed wine barrel flooring

Reclaimed wine barrel flooring is an excellent choice among wine collectors who want to achieve a really distinctive look for their residential cellar.

If the flooring of your wine cellar is right above the bare ground, it needs to be prepared by adding vapor barriers and insulating materials to help maintain the ideal temperature inside the wine room.

If the flooring is on a cement slab, you may add a vapor barrier to the cement before the floor covering application. 

How are vapor barriers added to the Seattle custom wine cellar floors? 

Custom Wine Cellars Seattle recommends Bostic’s MVP4 (Moisture Vapor Protection), which you can get at a local hardware store. Here are the steps on how to apply MVP4: 

  1. Use a trowel to apply MVP4 
  2. Allow drying 
  3. Add a plywood base 
  4. Add the flooring on top 

What are the most commonly used flooring materials for wine cellars? 

Wine cellar flooring can be made of various materials that are not just durable, but aesthetically pleasing as well.  Two of the most preferred flooring materials are cork and wine barrels. 

Cork Wine Cellar Flooring 

Cork wine cellar flooring has proven to last long, and it is very affordable.  Its installation involves snapping together pieces of the tongue and groove and securing them using molding.  This installation process makes cork wine cellar flooring known as the “floating” flooring. 

Traditional Cork Plank wine cellar flooring is made using superior Portuguese cork and protected by our proprietary Endura AR UV-cured finish with cutting-edge generation abrasion resistance. GREENGUARD GOLD Certified for Indoor Air Quality to ensure that your cork floor does not introduce harmful volatile organic compounds into your family’s home.


Cooperage Wine Barrel Flooring for Wine Cellars

With the many colors, patterns, and styles available, cork wine cellar flooring can make any wine cellar look truly unique. 

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Flooring 

Reclaimed barrel flooring is a popular choice among wine collectors who want to achieve a distinctive look on their custom wine cellars.  It creates a rustic feel to the wine room design and also promotes environmental sustainability.   

When you add unique flooring to your wine cellar design you can create something special.

This type of flooring is made of oak from wine barrels that are used to store wine.  The oak wine barrels go through some specific processes to produce a flooring material that is built to last.  The reclaimed oak wood is usually nailed or glued to the floor area after the application of a vapor barrier. 

There are three types of reclaimed barrel flooring depending on the part of the barrel used.  These are: 

  1. Cooperage Wine Barrel Flooring – made of cooperage (bottom or top portion of the barrel) 
  2. Stave Wine Barrel Flooring – made of the outer vertical strips of the barrel 
  3. Wine Infusion Barrel Flooring – made of the inner parts of the barrel  

Let us Help you Build your Own Custom Wine Cellar Flooring! 

Seattle custom wine cellar floors made of cork or reclaimed wine barrels can make any wine storage room truly special.  With proper insulation and the help of an expert wine cellar designer and installer in Seattle, rest assured that your wine room will function at its best to safeguard your wine for decades to come. 

Contact us at Custom Wine Cellars Seattle to help you with your wine cellar insulation and construction needs.  We provide quality products and services to ensure that we meet our clients’ storage needs.  That’s our commitment as a member of the Wine Cellar Designers Group.