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Some wine cellar owners in Seattle encounter some problems that complicate wine collecting and can lead to huge expenses and inconvenience. It is crucial that you know these problems and seek the help of an expert as soon as possible. Find out what these common issues are and the services offered by Custom Wine Cellars Seattle.      

Common Problems Faced by Wine Cellar Owners: Expert Tips from a Reliable Service Provider in Seattle  

Wine cellars are created to protect your wines from external factors such as light, heat, odor, and vibration. If you do not work with a master builder of refrigerated wine rooms, you cannot expect your wines to reach their maturation before you consume them.  

Installing the wrong equipment and poor construction of the wine cellar will deteriorate your wines. Moreover, a faulty wine cooling system will also cause damage to your investment. 

At Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, we always ensure that the room is prepared correctly, and we install the right components to avoid the following wine storage problems:  

Unstable Wine Storage Environment Due to Poor Insulation and the Installation of an Inefficient Wine Cellar Cooling System 

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Leak Repair by Seattle Builders

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Leak Repair by Seattle Builders

One of the most common problems faced by wine cellar owners is extreme changes in temperatures and humidity levelsWine is a delicate beverage. Therefore, it must be stored in a place built specifically to achieve the perfect wine cellar environment.   

At Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, we had clients who called us because their wine cellar was not cooling the way it should be. Some of them had opened bottles of spoiled wine from their collection. Two possible reasons are:  

  1. The wine room has a lack of or inadequate insulation and vapor barrier. – Before installing the wine cellar cooling unit, the room must be well insulated to prevent air leakage. There must be no way for the cold air to escape the wine cellar and the warm air to enter. At Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, we make a careful assessment to help us install the correct insulation value for your wine cellar. 

As an experienced provider of wine cellar service in Seattle, our team always ensures that your wine room is prepared for refrigeration. We insulate the walls, ceiling, door, flooring, and door.  

  1. The wine refrigeration system installed in their wine room is inefficient.  – Your wine cellar builder cannot just install any type or size of wine cooling unit. At Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, we perform a heat load calculation to determine the correct capacity of the climate control system according to the size of your wine room. This method will ensure that your cooling unit is not too small or too large for your wine cellar.

Another reason your climate control equipment cannot provide the optimum conditions for your wine cellar is the dirty or clogged condenser. In this case, you have to contact an HVAC expert to fix the problem before it damages your prized wines and causes costly expenses in the future 

Custom Wine Cellars Seattle offers services to keep your wine room running at its best. If you love your wines, you must avoid wine cellar refrigeration problems. We recommend that you avail yourself of a regular maintenance plan to prevent equipment failures.     

Temperature Fluctuations: a Reliable Builder in Seattle Provides Expert Wine Cellar Services 

The ideal wine room temperature is between 55, and 65 degrees Fahrenheit, and the humidity levels between 60 and 70 percent. If the temperature of your wine cellar falls outside the normal range, your wines will be at risk.  

Too much heat will speed up the wine’s aging process and become premature. This type of problem causes faulty flavors and affects the overall quality of bottled wine. Temperature fluctuations will also cause sensory and visual changes to the wine in a matter of days. 

Moreover, unstable temperatures also cause the cork to contract or shrink. When the cork reduces its size, there will be air leakage. Air will get into the bottle and come in contact with the wine, leading to oxidation. When oxidized, the wine will taste like cooked fruit or wet cardboard. 

Varying Humidity Levels  

Another wine storage problem faced by wine cellar owners in Seattle is varying humidity levels. If the humidity in your wine cellar reaches below 60 percent, the cork will dry out and become brittle. A faulty cork will cause an unwanted amount of oxygen to mix with the wine. On the other hand, high humidity levels cause mold growth on the wine racks, wine labels, walls, and in the ceiling. This can damage the structural integrity of your wine cellar. Mold can also grow on the cork and contaminate the wine. 

Wine Refrigeration System Leakage Problem: How a Wine Cellar Service Provider in Seattle Can Help  

We have received calls from several residential and commercial wine cellar owners seeking our help to repair a leaking wine cooling unit. If you find a problem with your wine cooling unit, it is best that you contact an expert immediately. If not fixed promptly, it can cause severe damage, and you will have to spend a hefty amount of money.    

A refrigerant leak is a common issue faced by wine cellar owners. It affects the overall performance and efficiency of your wine refrigeration system. Custom Wine Cellars Seattle is composed of a team of experts that offers HVAC repair and maintenance services. The methods used to determine the location of the leak are Bubble Leak, Freon Electronic Leak, and UV Light methods. The most common and precise technique is the use of UV light.       

Water dripping from your wine cooling unit is a different problem. The primary cause of this type of leakage is excess condensation. Your wine cellar might not be sealed correctly. To solve this issue, Custom Wine Cellars Seattle will install the correct insulation and vapor barrier, and equip your door with sealing components such as weather stripping and an automatic door bottom.   

Find Solutions to Wine Cellar Problems. Consult with a Specialist in Seattle and Avail of the Services They Offer! 

Do not let wine cellar problems damage your prized wines. If you are experiencing issues with your wine cooling unit or an important component in your wine cellar, please do not hesitate to seek help.  

Custom Wine Cellars Seattle provides design, installation, and wine refrigeration services. If you live in Seattle and other areas in Washington State, do not hesitate to call us at +1 (206) 792-9912 We will save your wine investment from damage!