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Wine Guardian Wine Cellar Cooling Units

Wine Guardian Wine Cellar Refrigeration Project Completed by Seattle Experts

Wine Guardian Wine Cellar Refrigeration Project Completed by Seattle Experts

What are the possible issues caused by installing the wrong wine cellar cooling unit in your wine storage facility? Failure to achieve the ideal wine cellar environment will result in damaged wines and costly mistakes in the future. If you work with Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, you will experience the benefits of wine cellar refrigeration systems manufactured by Wine Guardian. 

Top-Notch Wine Cellar Designers in Seattle Recommend Wine Guardian Cooling Units   

As one of the top-notch wine cellar designers and builders in Washington State, Custom Wine Cellars Seattle aims to create wine rooms that will store your wine collection safely. Whether you own a residential or commercial wine cellar, it is crucial that it is equipped with a reliable wine cooling unit.  

Do you know what brand of wine cellar cooling unit suits your needs? Keep in mind that you must consult a wine cellar refrigeration expert who can determine the best climate-control system for your wine room. Custom Wine Cellars Seattle recommends high-grade cooling units manufactured by Wine Guardian.   

To help you choose the best cooling solution for your project, we will sit down and discuss with you all of your requirements. This process will help us determine the right size, capacity, and brand of refrigeration system for your wine cellar   

Wine Guardian Cooling Units for Residential and Commercial Wine Cellars in Seattle: What Makes Them Widely Used in Seattle Construction Projects? 

The teamup of the Wetzel father and son resulted in the creation of effective cooling solutions for residential and commercial wine cellars in Seattle. Their expertise and passion led them towards the manufacture of Wine Guardian cooling units.  

Wine Guardian has been providing builders and contractors with efficient wine cooling systems for many years. Clients have provided positive feedback about the product they are using.   

With many benefits offered by Wine Guardian cooling units for wine cellar owners in Seattle, there is no doubt they are increasing in popularity.      

Wine Guardian Cooling Units are Manufactured with High-Grade Materials and Superior Performance 

All of Wine Guardian’s refrigeration systems are manufactured with top-quality materials. The components of the wine cellar cooling units are highly resistant to corrosion, making them ideal for areas with high humidity levels or for outdoor installations.     

The Wine Guardian wine cellar cooling units provide superior performance in many types of installations. Equipped with commercial-grade components, choosing one of this manufacturer’s products is a smart decision.  

Wine Guardian Cooling Systems are Available in Different Types 

Wine Guardian manufactures many types of cooling units to cater to the specific needs of wine cellar owners in Seattle. You can choose a Self-Contained, Ducted Split, or Ductless Split system for your residential or commercial wine cellar.  

Self-Contained Wine Cellar Cooling Units 

Ducted Self-Contained Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Ducted Self-Contained Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

The Self-Contained wine cellar refrigeration system by Wine Guardian is also known as the Through the Wall (TTW) system.  This type of wine cellar cooling unit is small, making it ideal for small to medium size wine rooms in Seattle.  The condenser, compressor, evaporator, fans, and controls are contained in a single unit.  

Another good quality of a self-contained wine cellar refrigeration system is its quiet operation, which allows you and your guests to enjoy sipping a glass of your favorite wine without noise or distractionWine Guardian engineered these units with a sleek design to match any existing decor.  

Depending on our space requirements, you can choose between the two Wine Guardian Self-contained wine cellar cooling units.  

  • TTW009 for rooms up to 850 cubic feet  
  • TTW018 for rooms up to 1500 cubic feet 
Available Options for the Self-Contained Wine Refrigeration System 

You can add optional features to your wine cellar cooling unit for added functionality and safety. There is what we call the Moniteur du Vin™ system that monitors the humidity and temperature in your wine room. If the storage conditions are outside the ideal range or are unstable, the owner will receive a warning via text, email, or call. This will prevent your wines from getting ruined due to a poor environment.  

You may also purchase accessories like the duct collar kit, which consists of 6-inch round flexible ductwork, tie wraps, and fasteners, and an exhaust duct collar.  

Ducted Split Wine Cellar Cooling Units 

Ducted Split Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Wine Guardian Seattle

Ducted Split Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Wine Guardian Offered by Seattle Wine Cellar Designers and Builders

For wine cellar installations where heat dissipation is challenging, the Wine Guardian wine cellar cooling unit is the ideal choice. It is manufactured to achieve the optimum conditions required in a climate-controlled wine cellar in Seattle. It can operate in ambient temperatures from 0 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Harvest Wine Cellars and Saunas is a CWC Seattle design partner based in the Washington D.C. area. They recently completed a beautiful project for Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant CUT in the historic Rosewood Hotel. See how they used the D088 and D050 Wine Guardian models to cool their incredible hotel custom wine cellar.

Models of Wine Guardian’s Ducted Split Wine Cellar Refrigeration System 
  • D050 & D050V  
  • D025  
  • D088 & D088V  
  • D200  

Ductless Split Wine Cellar Cooling Systems 

Ductless Split Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Seattle

Ductless Split Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Seattle

If you do not have an extra room that can accommodate ductwork or can be utilized for heat dissipation, then Custom Wine Cellars Seattle recommends the Ductless Split wine cooling unit. The installation of this refrigeration unit is easy because it can fit within the racking (hidden in a louvered grill cover) or above the entryway.  

With a capacity of 0°F/4°C to 115°F/46°C, the equipment ensures a stable environment in your wine cellar.  

Model of Ductless Split Wine Cellar Cooling Unit 

There is only one model of the Ductless Split wine refrigeration system — the SS018.    

Other Features of Wine Guardian Wine Cellar Cooling Units That Make Them Widely Used in Seattle Construction  

  • Resistant to corrosion 
  • A remote user interface control system   
  • Multiple supply air openings for installation flexibility   
  • High static pressure fans for extended lengths of ductwork   
  • One supply and one return duct collar   
  • Factory tested before shipment  
  • Completely self-contained design   
  • All aluminum evaporator and condenser coils for superior corrosion resistance 
  • Removable control panel for easy access   

Wine Guardian’s High-Grade Wine Cellar Cooling Units are Offered by Seattle Experts 

Choosing a low-grade wine cellar refrigeration system will deteriorate your wines. Custom Wine Cellars Seattle offers wine cellar cooling units designed to meet your needs. If you are not sure what type and model of Wine Guardian cooling system to choose, do not hesitate to call us at  +1 (206) 792-9912