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Glass Wine Cellar Doors

Modern Glass Wine Cellar Door Seattle

Modern Glass Wine Cellar Door Installed by Master Builders in Seattle

Modern interiors are in demand among wine cellar owners. well-designed glass door can add elegance to your wine cellar while preserving the quality of your favorite vintages. At Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, we have been designing and using glass wine cellar doors.                                

Get the Perfect Glass Wine Cellar Door: Work with an Expert in Seattle    

You can prevent wine cellar mistakes when you work with a top-notch wine cellar builder. At Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, we will choose the best style and material for your door. If you want a contemporary-style entryway, we recommend glass doors, which provide aesthetic and functional benefits to residential and commercial wine cellar owners.  

How Glass Wine Cellar Doors Affect the Overall Appeal of Your Home or Commercial Establishment   

There are many reasons glass wine cellar doors are increasing in demand among builders and designers. At Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, we have installed glass wine cellar doors in our construction projects. Our clients sent us their positive feedback about the advantages of choosing a modern wine cellar door.  

Residential Wine Cellars with Glass Doors 

Glass Door Residential Wine Cellar Seattle

Glass Door in a Residential Wine Cellar Created and Installed by Seattle Master Builders

The primary purpose of most homeowners in building a climate-controlled wine cellar is to store their wines at the optimum conditions. Whether you have a small or large wine collection, investing in a well-built wine room will preserve the qualities of your favorite vintages    

Secondly, a stylish residential wine cellar designed by an expert installer in Seattle will impress guests and can be a conversation starter. Glass wine cellar doors complement any existing decor in your home   

If you love to entertain guests or host wine-tasting parties, a wine cellar will not only display your prized wines stylishly but will also provide a convenient place for you and your friends.  

Moreover, you will have easy access to your collection because you do not have to go to a local store every time you want a new bottle.                               

Benefits of Glass Wine Cellar Doors to Commercial Wine Cellars in Seattle 

Commercial Glass Wine Cellar Door Seattle

Glass Wine Cellar Doors Provide Many Benefits to Commercial Wine Cellars in Seattle

In a commercial setting, an attractive and organized presentation of your wines will lead to improved sales revenue. A glass wine cellar door designed by an expert in Seattle will provide a visible view of your wines from the exterior 

For example, potential customers who pass by your commercial wine cellar will see the wines that you offer without any obstruction. Glass doors will help entice clients to view your wines and may result in a purchase.          

In a dining establishment, glass wine cellar doors will encourage customers to pair their meals with one of the fine wines found in your wine display area.    

Why Your Glass Wine Cellar Door Must Be Constructed by a Professional in Seattle  

Work with a reliable wine cellar builder in Seattle to ensure that all of your needs and requirements are met. Always remember that working with someone who lacks knowledge about the proper construction of glass wine cellar doors will result in costly mistakes in the future. 

Your Wine Cellar Door Must Be Insulated by Using Insulated Glass Panels and Adding Sealing Components to Create the Ideal Environment 

Thermally Isulated Glass panels Play a Crucial Role in Achieving the Perfect Wine Cellar Environment Seattle

Thermally Insulated Glass Panels Play a Crucial Role in Achieving the Perfect Wine Cellar Environment According to Seattle Experts

One of the most crucial aspects of building refrigerated wine cellars is creating an airtight seal.  Sealing the wine room before installing the components is a procedure done by master builders in Seattle to achieve the optimum wine storage conditions required for the proper aging of your wines. 

Even when you work with frameless wine cellar glass doors to fully display your wooden or metal wine racks, all the edges must be weather-stripped.

Thermally Insulated Glass Panels  

Another way to seal your wine cellar is by using thermally insulated glass panels for your door. Heat is one of the external factors that affect the quality of the wine. With extensive experience in installing glass wine cellar doors correctlyCustom Wine Cellars Seattle will ensure that your entry door is built accordingly.   

We use insulated glass when manufacturing glass wine cellar doors to protect your wine collection from exposure to UV light. Ultraviolet will cause a chemical change in the wine, including an increase in tannin content, an unpleasant flavor, and a loss of aroma. Moreover, using insulated glass minimizes heat transfer through glass panes, reducing energy consumption. 

When your glass wine cellar door is not insulated correctly, your wine cellar cooling system will be forced to work harder than its normal operation. It can damage your wine cellar refrigeration unit, causing you to spend on the repair service fee or worse, the replacement of your equipment. 

Sealing Components of Glass Wine Cellar Doors 
Wrought Iron Door with operable glass Offered by Seattle Master Builders

Wrought Iron Door with operable glass Offered by Seattle Master Builders

Custom Wine Cellars Austin creates dual-paned glass wine cellar doors by attaching two panes with ½-inch thickness each. Then, we will seal all of the edges, leaving minimal space between the panes. We will fill that space with dehydrated air or special gas to prevent the formation of condensation around the door.  

High humidity levels in a wine cellar must be maintained between 60 to 70 percent. Going beyond this range will form condensation, which will have a detrimental effect on the cork’s sealing ability, the quality of your wines, and wine labels, and the structural integrity of your walls and ceiling. Therefore, we added polycarbonate vinyl seal, weather stripping, and an automatic bottom on the door. 

Styles of Doors Offered by Custom Wine Cellars Seattle 

We have pre-hung glass wine cellar doors. However, we can customize your door if you want to design it according to your preference and creativity. The designs for glass wine cellar doors are almost limitless.  

Some of the common design options include:  

  • Seamless glass doors 
  • Glass doors with wooden frame 
  • Glass doors with a hand-forged wrought iron design     

Hire an Expert Glass Wine Cellar Door Designer and Installer in Seattle 

Adding a beautiful and safe contemporary entryway to your residential or commercial wine cellar will provide you with many benefits. However, you must keep in mind that you must hire an expert like Custom Wine Cellars Seattle to ensure that your aesthetic and functional requirements are met.  

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