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Wine Cellar Refrigeration Installation at Ray Moore’s Home in Seattle

Residential Custom Wine Cellar Design and Refrigeration Installation Project Completed by Seattle Master Builders

Residential Custom Wine Cellar Design and Refrigeration Installation Project Completed by Seattle Master Builders

Achieving the optimum wine storage conditions in a wine cellar requires the help of a wine cooling expert. Arctic Metalworks, Inc., has completed a wine cellar refrigeration system installation project in Seattle. Ray Moore, a famous tennis player, loves to collect fine wines. He was looking for a trusted designer and builder. He contacted Arctic Metalworks and did not regret working with the team of experts. 

A Traditional Residential Custom Wine Cellar with a Reliable Refrigeration System Installed by Top-Notch Builders in Seattle  

If you are serious about wine collecting, you will not risk working with someone who lacks knowledge about designing and building wine cellars. At Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, we use our passion, expertise, and creativity to create sophisticated wine displays, achieve the ideal wine storage environment, and maximize the storage capacity of your wine room.    

A former tennis player decided to transform a space in his home into a wine cellar so he could have a safe and beautiful place for his prized wines. His collection includes rare bottles including Chateau Lafite (1986) and Chateau Haut-Brion (1982). 

He contacted Arctic Metalworks, one of our partners in wine cellar construction in Seattle. For this project, the Arctic team had to utilize a room that measures 8 feet x 12 feet. They worked closely with the builder of the house to ensure that the requirements for the room insulation, the addition of a vapor barrier, lighting, and flooring were met.  

Traditional Custom Wine Rack Design with Functional and Stylish Features  

Custom Wine Cellar Installed with Black Walnut Wine Racks and an Efficient Refrigeration Unit Completed by an Seattle Expert

Custom Wine Cellar Installed with Black Walnut Wine Racks and an Efficient Refrigeration Unit Completed by a Seattle Expert

Many factors affect the overall visual appeal of a wine cellar. One crucial component is the wine rack system. When designing wine racks, we always consider the aesthetic and functional needs of our clients. For this particular custom wine cellar project in Seattle, Arctic Metalworks combined various bottle configurations that would accommodate 1,000 bottles.   

The custom wine racks were made from black walnut. The owner opted not to apply a stain because he wanted a pale appearance.  

This type of hardwood has characteristics that make it ideal for refrigerated residential wine cellars and a good choice for clients who want elegant-looking wine racks. It is also favorite material of builders.  

  • Resistant to warping, shock, and decay 
  • Less prone to shrinkage 
  • Has irregular but straight grains 
  • Has moderate  luster 
  • Strong and resilient 
  • Has brownish tones and a medium texture 
  • Takes glue and finishes well 

Individual Wine Racks with Display Rows 

Most of the racking styles they incorporated are individual wine racks that store the bottles horizontally with the neck facing out. They also included high-reveal display rows that run the middle of the racking. Both the individual storage and display row custom wine racks keep the cork in contact with the wine. These bottle orientations prevent the cork from drying out. When kept moist, the cork will maintain its sealing properties and avoid wine oxidation.  

Diamond Bins, Wooden Case Storage, Drawers, and a Tabletop 

Traditional Wooden Wine Racks with Drawers Designed by Seattle Refrigeration Experts

Traditional Wooden Wine Racks with Drawers Designed by Seattle Refrigeration Experts

Arctic Metalworks incorporated diamond X bins, which are ideal for bulk storage. This type of wine rack stores one bottle on top of the other and allows good airflow around them. The rectangular bins are intended for storing wine bottles in wooden cases. This type of racking style allows for better wine inventory and management.  

For added functionality, the Arctic team installed drawers at the bottom section of the racking to provide additional storage space for the owner’s prized vintages. On the back wall, you will see the beautiful lattice arch with a tabletop.  

The arch consists of stemware racking designed to hold the wine glasses upside down. The tabletop provides a place for decanting and serving wines, and for storing a few bottles vertically.  

Wine Cellar Cooling System Designed for Superior Performance 

In addition to the wine rack design, it is crucial that your wine cellar is cooled by an efficient wine cellar refrigeration system. A wine cooling unit is essential in achieving the optimum environment required to age wine properly. Without it, your wines will deteriorate due to unstable conditions. Your investment will go to waste.  

Working with a cooling expert will make sure that your climate control system is perfect for your needs. Failure to do so will damage your wines. As with Custom Wine Cellars Seattle and our partners in wine room construction, we perform a heat load calculation to ensure that the refrigeration system is of the right capacity for the intended application.   

Split Wine Cooling Unit for a Quiet Operation 

On this wine cellar refrigeration project in Seattle, Arctic Metalworks installed one of their cooling products, which is the 0050 model split systemThey placed the evaporator inside the traditional wine cellar, concealed in a wooden grill box and cover.    

A well-ventilated room is required for proper heat dissipation, and a garage is not an ideal location for the condenser. However, in this wine cellar refrigeration project in Seattle, the owner’s 5-car garage is very spacious, so the Arctic team decided to place the condenser there.  

Since the condenser, the noisy component of a wine refrigeration system is located outside the wine cellar, the owner is enjoying the quiet operation of the cooling unit. The installation of the wine refrigeration system took ten hours to finish. 

Work with a Reliable Custom Wine Cellar Refrigeration Expert on Your Next Project in Seattle 

Keep your wine collection safe by working with an expert in wine cellar refrigeration. If you are planning to start your residential or commercial cooling project, Custom Wine Cellars Seattle will help you. We work with trusted builders like Arctic Metalworks.  

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