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A Must-See Contemporary Residential Custom Wine Cellar in Seattle

Contemporary Residential Custom Wine Cellar Designed and Installed by Seattle Master Builders

Contemporary Residential Custom Wine Storage Completed by Expert Designers and Builders in Seattle

Contemporary wine storage rooms in Seattle in Seattle are increasing in demand among homeowners. Wine Cellar International, one of our partners in building custom wine cellars in Seattle, has completed another residential custom wine cellar. They incorporated sleek features to add character and enhance the visual appeal of the space.  

Conversion of a Small Space into a Residential Custom Wine Cellar: What are the Benefits?  

Converting a space in your home into a wine display and storage area offers many benefits. Working with an expert will help build a wine cellar in your closet, basement, kitchen, or business establishment that will keep your collection safe for many years to come.  

Moreover, investing in a wine room will increase the resale value of your property. A climate-controlled and stylish wine cellar designed for a home is a feature that entices home buyers. Selling your home will be easier. If you love to entertain guests or host wine-tasting parties, adding a wine cellar to your home is a perfect idea.  

At Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, we work with companies that have extensive knowledge and expertise in designing and installing wine rooms. Our passion and creativity helped us complete projects exceeding client expectations.  

Space constraints and other challenges did not hinder us from achieving our main goal: to create a safe and beautiful wine cellar. For this particular wine room conversion project in Seattle, there were structural challenges that Wine Cellar International had to overcome: 

  • Incorporating the step-down  
  • Dealing with a drop-down in the ceiling 
  • Installing the wine cellar ladder 

Features of the Residential Custom Wine Cellar Designed for a Modern Home in Seattle  

VintageView Floor to Ceiling Metal Custom Wine Cellar Racks Seattle

VintageView Floor to Ceiling Metal Custom Wine Cellar Racks Installed by Trusted Designers and Builders in Seattle

The house was newly built when the owners realized that they could make the space more functional by adding a wine room. The space utilized by Wine Cellar International was part of their L-shaped bar and entertainment area. The room is not large but is 11 feet high.  

They started the project after the clients approved the 3D design. The project was finished after 6 to 7 weeks, which included the framing of the wine room, insulation, brushed ladder, and the manufacture of the wine racks. 

Contemporary Wine Rack System Designed for Maximum Capacity  

When choosing a wine rack system, it is crucial that you consider the existing decor of your home and the mood that you want in your residential custom wine cellar in Seattle. At Wine Cellar International, we design wine racks, not only to enhance the aesthetic appeal but also to maximize the capacity of your wine room. 

In this project, the metal wine racks installed were from VintageView, a popular provider of contemporary wine rack systems. Their wine racks are designed to add a luxurious appeal to wine rooms. The main feature of VintageView wine racks is the label-forward configuration for easy perusal of the wines.        

Wine Cellar International created racking that would accommodate 891 bottles. Wine Cellar International installed 3-bottles deep wine racks on the left and back walls. The wine racks used are floor-to-ceiling to increase the bottle capacity of the racking. 

Custom Metal Wine Rack System Residential Wine Cellar Project Seattle

Custom Metal Wine Rack System on the Right Wall of the Residential Wine Cellar Designed by Seattle Experts

On the right wall of the room, the wine cellar designer and builder of this residential custom wine cellar in Seattle installed a custom wine rack, which consists of a tabletop and display rows. To complement the contemporary wine cellar, Wine Cellar International added shatterproof glass on top.   

The tabletop provides a place for decanting and serving wine, as well as storing larger bottles like Champagne and Pinot Noir. Below the tabletop is a high-reveal display row that stores the bottles at an angle.  

Three levels of display rows were placed at the bottom, designed with a label forward configuration. This section allows the owners to see the wine labels easily, eliminating the need to flip the bottle to see the wine description    

Wine Cellar Ladder for Easy Access to the Wines 

Custom Metal Wine Rack System Residential Wine Cellar Project Seattle

Custom Metal Wine Rack System Designed for a Residential Wine Cellar in Seattle

With a height of 11 feet, adding a custom wine cellar ladder was the best option to provide the clients ease of access to the wines stored beyond their reach. The ladder was made from brushed stainless steel.

It was challenging to install the ladder because of the depth of the wine racks. Wine Cellar International had to get a special type of bracket that would hold the ladder rail.    

Learn more about the different styles of wine cellar ladders. 

Wine Cellar Cooling System 

The absence or wrong choice of the wine cellar refrigeration system in your Seattle home will put the wines at risk. It is essential that you seek the help of an expert who understands the significance of choosing the correct size, type, brand, and the capacity of cooling unit. 

Wine Cellar International installed an RM 6600 model from US Cellar Systems. It is a split system, which requires the evaporator and condenser to be installed separately. The evaporator is inside the residential custom wine cellar in Seattle while the condensing unit was placed 20 feet away from the wine roomThere was no need to conceal the cooling unit. Wine Cellar International tucked it up into the corner against the header.  

Glass Wine Cellar Door 

Initially, the clients in Seattle preferred a seamless glass wine cellar door because they did not want visible frame. Wine Cellar International recommended brushed steel framing to make their wine room stand out.  

The glass panels were insulated to keep humidity levels at an ideal range. Failure to do so will cause the humidity levels to become unstable and cause mold growth.   

Experts in Seattle Will Build Your Dream Residential Custom Wine Cellar  

In this project, Wine Cellar International helped the clients transform a space in their bar area into a contemporary wine storage room. If you are living in Washington State and are looking for a trusted wine cellar designer and builder in Seattle for your wine closet or wine room project, we can help you. Call us now at +1 (206) 792-9912!