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Design Your Vision – Our Consultants Will Facilitate Your Dreams

Designing a custom wine cellar should not be a tedious and labored experience. After all, this is your dream. It is our job to make sure we fulfill that dream in a way that will make you, our customer, delighted.

Design Your Dream Wine Cellar

Maybe your project is residential, in other words a wine cellar custom design to the décor of your home. Or maybe it is a wine storage display area in a commercial business, designed to attract more customers and boost sales. In either case it is easy to get started.

Before beginning the design and layout of the wine racking, it is important to take time to discuss how you wish to store, manage and display your wine collection. As well as what type of wines you plan to store.

Our experienced team of designers regularly work with clients in Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Yorba Linda and many other locations in southern Washington State. They will be happy to work with you to create the wine cellar of your dreams; from the floors to lighting, from wine cellar doors to the mechanical refrigeration system, no details are left out. Our knowledgeable staff know which questions to ask before they begin creating your design.

Key Design Questions

  • How many bottles do you currently have in your collection?
  • Do you want the capacity to be able to grow your collection?
  • Are there large format bottles to consider
  • Do you want wood case bulk storage?
  • Do you want a refrigerated climate-controlled wine cellar?
  • Are you planning to work with your own wine cellar contractor, or would you prefer one of our wine cellar specialist installers to prepare and construct you wine room?
  • Would you like your wine cellar to have a showroom display like appearance?
  • Is it your intent to use it as a place for entertaining your friends?
  • Is your priority to maximize capacity in the available space?

Our easy to understand 3D designs will bring your personal and unique custom cellar to life.

Get Started

Simply complete our design request form or go ahead and call us directly at +1 (206) 792-9912 and one of our Do you have any questions? Ask one of our wine cellar designers in Seattle! will be happy to create a unique and distinctive design just for you.  And better yet, it will be completely free of charge.