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Tastefully Designed Residential Custom Wine Cellar Completed by Master Builders in Seattle

Completed Custom Wine Cellar by Master Builders in Seattle

Completed Custom Wine Cellar by Master Builders in Seattle

The owners of a beautiful home in Seattle sought the help of a creative team in transforming a space into a transitional custom wine cellar. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars incorporated stylish and functional features. The wine cellar is now the focal point in the dining room  

Residential Custom Wine Cellar in Seattle Designed with Traditional and Contemporary Features  

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, one of our partners in building wine cellars, has completed a remodeling project in Austin. The owners had a large room adjacent to their dining room. They wanted to transform it into a functional wine cellar.  

When they received a call from the clients, the Coastal team visited the site and made a careful assessment. After several site visits, they started creating the design, which consisted of drawings showing the style of the racking, bottle configurations, capacities, and dimensions.    

The WAD images helped them visualize the home’s custom wine cellar. Moreover, the drawings allowed the clients to make changes before the construction began. After some revisions, the client approved the custom design. 

Wine Room Preparation and Construction 

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars prepared the area for construction by framing, installing electrical wiring, and insulating the room. Insulating the room requires technical skills. A lack of or poor insulation will result in unstable conditions, which can damage your wines and cooling unit. The walls and ceiling must have the correct insulation value to prevent moisture build-up in your wine cellar.   

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars had to utilize an 11′ x 8′ x 9.5′ space. There was a large wall shared by the interior storage area and the dining room. They had to tear down that wall as part of the construction process. 

Features of the Elegant Residential Custom Wine Cellar in Seattle 

The design and material of the wine racks play a significant role in achieving the overall appeal of your wine cellar. In this particular custom wine cellar remodeling project in Seattle, the Coastal team combined stylish wooden wine racks to create a sophisticated wine display and provide the owners convenience in managing their collection 

Wine Rack Configurations 

Custom Wine Racks Designed with Style and Functionality by Seattle Builders

Wooden Custom Wine Racks Designed with Style and Functionality by Seattle Designers and Builders

When designing a wine rack system, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars makes sure that the aesthetic and functional needs of the owners are met. They will recommend the perfect racking styles and materials for your wine cellar but will still follow your preferences.   

Individual Wine Racks and Display Rows for Standard Bottles 

The entire length of the custom wine cellar consists of individual wine storage racks on all the walls. The wine rack openings (3.75’ x 3.75’) were intended to accommodate 750ml bottles.  

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars added a display row below the single-bottle wine racks to allow the clients to highlight some of their favorite vintages. This style of racking helps protect the sealing ability of the cork. Since the bottles are displayed at an angle, the cork would not dry out.  

Keeping the cork moist will prevent it from getting brittle. When the cork dries out, it will allow an unwanted amount of air to seep in and cause wine oxidation. An oxidized wine tastes like wet cardboard or burnt marshmallow.  

Half Diamond Bins, Diamond Cubes, and Tabletop for Added Functionality  

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars also incorporated diamond bins into the racking design on the left, right, and back walls.  This type of wine rack allows the owners to store wines in bulk and in a stylish way. Moreover, they were added to the herringbone masonry veneer brick design at the back wall could be seen.     

They also added a tabletop area at the center of the back wall to provide extra space for decanting and serving wine, as well as for additional storage space. There are two drawers under the tabletop for the owner’s wine cellar accessories (e.g., bottle opener, napkins, decanters, etc.) 

Label Forward Displays for Enhanced Visual Appeal  

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars added label forward displays on both sides of the wine cellar near the glass walls. These wine racks added character to the wine room from the exterior view and allowed for convenience in reading the wine labels.   

The Wine Racks Were Constructed from an Elegant Wood  

The Coastal team installed wine racks made from Mahogany, a type of wood known for its durability and natural beauty. They applied a Rustic stain and lacquer finish on the wooden wine racks for a lustrous look.  

Mahogany has a smooth and even texture. It has grain patterns that make the wine racks attractive. When kiln-dried, Mahogany wine racks will last for many years.   

Adding an Eco-friendly Touch to the Wine Cellar with Vintage Flooring 

Wine Barrel Flooring and Contemporary Custom Wine Cellar Door by Seattle Experts

Wine Barrel Flooring and Contemporary Custom Wine Cellar Door by Seattle Experts

Flooring is another component of a custom wine cellar that should be chosen with the help of the best wine cellar builder in Seattle. In this particular project, the homeowners wanted to add an eco-friendly feature to their wine room. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars installed oak wine barrel flooring, which was constructed from reclaimed Napa Oak wine barrels.    

This oak wine barrel flooring adds a vintage appeal to the wine cellar. Additionally, you can smell the natural aroma of the wine stored in the used barrels. The idea of using the reclaimed wine barrels in creating wine cellar flooring helps save Mother Earth. 

In constructing the wine barrel flooring, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars utilized strips of wood from the sides of the barrels. They engineered the wood to create flooring that would impress guests. This type of wood is called Stave wine barrel flooring, which exhibits various markings left by the metal hoops.          

Contemporary Style Wine Cellar Door 

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars installed a Herculite wine cellar door. It is a frameless glass door made from heavy and thick glass for high resistance to impact. It allows for maximum visibility of the wine cellar interior. The glass panels were thermally insulated to prevent moisture formation inside the wine cellar. 

Efficient Wine Cellar Cooling System  

A safe wine cellar is cooled by a reliable wine cellar refrigeration system. For this project in Seattle, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars chose a split Arctic Aire wine cooling system by Arctic Metalworks. The evaporator was placed inside the wine room while the condenser was installed outdoors, resulting in a quiet operation.   

The evaporator is hidden in a louvered operable grill and covered on the right wall. The grill cover is also made from Mahogany to make it look like part of the racking.     

Convert Your Space in Seattle into a Unique Custom Wine Cellar 

Are you planning to transform a space in your home into a beautiful and functional wine room? Custom Wine Cellars Seattle and Coastal Custom Wine Cellars will work together to help you build your dream wine display and storage area.  

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