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Boost Your Wine Sales by Investing in a Well-Designed Commercial Custom Wine Cellar Built by an Expert in Seattle

Investing in a Commercial Custom Wine Cellar Designed by an Expert in Seattle Will Benefit Your Business

Investing in a Commercial Custom Wine Cellar Built by an Expert Designer and Contractor in Seattle Will Benefit Your Business

Nowadays, most high-end restaurants and dining establishments offer a great selection of fine wines from different regions. Consulting a sommelier will help the owners choose the best types of wine to stock based on the food they offer. Investing in a commercial wine cellar is recommended by Custom Wine Cellars Seattle to enhance the experience of customers by providing high-quality wines stored in a stylish wine room. 

Commercial Wine Cellars: Why Are They Increasing in Demand in Seattle and Many Parts of the World? 

In a commercial setting, the owners of restaurants, hotels, wine stores, or bars must determine and use the strategies to market their products effectively. Careful and smart planning is essential when you are planning to start your commercial custom wine cellar project in Seattle. 

Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, one of the top-notch designers and installers of refrigerated wine rooms, will help create a stylish and effective commercial custom wine cellar. We encourage business owners to invest in a wine cellar designed to store wines properly, improve margins, and generate profit.   

Before designing your wine room, we will carefully assess all of your requirements by sitting down with you, asking questions, and gathering relevant information. This process will help us determine the most suitable components needed to meet your specific goals in mind.  

Understanding the Benefits of Storing Wines in a Commercial Wine Display Designed by the Best Custom Wine Cellar Builder

A well-designed commercial custom wine cellar in Seattle is the answer to the following problems: 

  • You need to store wines in bulk in your dining establishment or specialty store 
  • You want to generate wine sales  
  • You want to display various wine options 
  • You want a wine storage area that makes wine access and monitoring a convenient task 
  • You want to enhance your customer’s experience    

A Climate-Controlled Wine Cellar Will Provide the Utmost Protection to the Wines that You Sell 

Wine is sensitive to environmental factors like heat, vibration, UV light, and odor. It requires a cool and humid environment to reach its peak maturation before it is consumed.  

Keeping the temperature and humidity levels at an ideal range is crucial in the proper preservation of your wine’s complex tastes and aromas. It is the main reason a wine room equipped with an efficient wine cellar cooling unit is necessary, especially when you are selling wine and want to boost the sales of your business in Seattle.  

Storing wines in an area cooled by a regular air conditioner or not cooled at all, will cause your wines to go bad. Wine cooling experts in Seattle recommend that the temperature in commercial wine cellars should range between 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity levels must fall between 60 to 70 percent. 

A hot environment will cause the wine to speed up its aging process, which causes the wine to taste like vinegar or alcohol. This is called heat damage. Also, keep in mind that storing a bottle of wine at room temperature will give the wine a dull taste.  

On the other hand, temperatures lower than the normal range will slow down the aging process. The wine might freeze and expand. When this happens, the cork will be pushed out of the bottle’s mouth. It can result in wine oxidation because the cork that has been forced out of the bottle will allow oxygen to enter the bottle and mix with the wine.  

At Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, we install a commercial-grade wine refrigeration system to ensure that the wines you sell are in good condition. Selling wines stored in a stable environment will create a perception that you know and understand the importance of proper wine storage. 

Elegant and Unique Commercial Wine Displays Will Attract Potential Clients 

Eye-Catching Commercial Wine Cellar Display by Seattle Builders

Eye-Catching Commercial Custom Wine Cellar Display by Seattle Designers and Installers

Presenting your products in a compelling way offers many benefits. If you work with Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, your commercial wine display will be designed to attract customers to buy your products.   

We will install wine racks that will entice potential customers to check the wines on display and make a purchase. We always want our client’s wine cellar to stand out from the rest. An exceptional wine display will also encourage clients to dine in your establishment and pair the wine they bought with their favorite meal.  

There are various styles of wine racks we offer for commercial applications. You may choose wood or metal wine racks for your facility. You may also combine these materials to create a unique racking design.  

Convenient Inventory and Access to the Wines 

When choosing a wine storage system for your commercial custom wine cellar in Seattle, it is best to keep in mind that you must select a racking design that offers convenience in locating specific types of wines.  Moreover, well-designed wine racks will organize your wines according to style, variety, or region, making inventory a lot easier than wines stored in boxes or shelves.  

Commercial Wine Racks Made from Wood 

Our commercial wood wine racks are available in various styles. Depending on your needs, you can purchase a kit or custom wine racks. We suggest combining different kit wine racks to create an effective wine display that will increase the profit of your business. Since kit racking is affordable, it is an ideal option for budget-savvy entrepreneurs.  

If you want a wine storage system that can accommodate all of the bottle sizes that you sell, we highly recommend that you invest in customized wine racks. This option will help maximize the capacity of your wine room regardless of its shape and size.      

Examples of Kit Wine Racks  

  • Column wine racks (with and without a display row) 
  • Diamond bins 
  • X bins 
  • Curved corner wine racks 
  • Rectangular case storage 
  • Arch with a tabletop and stemware holder 
  • Half-height wine racks 

Metal Wine Racks Will Display Your Bottles in a Modern Way 

Modern commercial custom wine cellars are becoming more popular in dining establishments and wine stores. At Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, we had clients who wanted to display their wines using a minimalist design. We utilize metal wine racks to achieve a contemporary style of wine storage and display. 

VintageView has been our provider of metal wine rack systems. Their metal wine racks are designed with a label-forward orientation, which offers convenience in finding a bottle of wine without having to disturb the sediments through flipping.     

Types of VintageView Metal Wine Racks  

VintageView wine racks are available in wall-mounted and floor-to-ceiling units. If your commercial wine cellar in Seattle is small or narrow, we recommend custom wine racks designed to mount on the walls. This option eliminates the use of floor space.    

Examples of Elegant Wine Cellars in a Commercial Setting Completed by Creative Designers and Builders in Seattle 


Commercial-Wine Storage Racks Designed by Seattle Experts

Commercial Custom Wine Cellar Racks Designed by Seattle Experts


Commercial Wine Cellar Project Completed by Seattle Builders

Commercial Custom Wine Cellar Project Completed by a Creative Designer in Seattle


Boost Your Wine Sales by Investing in a Commercial Custom Wine Cellar Designed by a Seattle Expert  

When planning to build a commercial custom wine cellar for your hotel, bar, restaurant, or specialty store, you must work with a knowledgeable, passionate, and creative designer. At Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, we will help improve your wine sales by providing stylish and high-quality custom wine racks for your facility.   

If you are looking for a compelling way to present your wines, talk to the best custom wine cellar builder in Seattle at  +1 (206) 792-9912