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Seattle Commercial Custom Wine Cellars – Increasing Profitability of Hospitality Businesses


Displaying your wine inventory strategically and aesthetically can greatly boost your sales. It is highly recommended that you work with wine cellar design experts like Coastal Custom Wine Cellars.

In any kind of business, profit is the main objective that leads every decision and action.  For hospitality businesses in Seattle, installing a commercial custom wine cellar is one of the major projects that must be planned carefully and intelligently.  

Hospitality business owners must consider that commercial custom wine cellars are not just a storage facility, but a vital feature that can make or break the target sales.  So when planning to build one, storage capacity is not the only aspect that matters. 

It is important to showcase your wine stocks both aesthetically and strategically to generate sales and profit.  In order to meet these vital aspects of your business, it is wise to consult with an expert in wine storage solutions.  

Commercial Custom Wine Cellar Displays for Restaurants, Hotels, and Wine Bars 

Let us take a look at some of the remarkable commercial wine displays for restaurants, hotels, and wine bars.

Glass Enclosed Commercial Custom Wine Cellars 


This modern commercial glass wine cellar has a maximum capacity of 1,011 wine bottles. The black satin finish of the VintageView wine racking system adds more appeal to the beautiful wine display.

Glass-enclosed wine cellars with metal wine racks are useful for building a contemporary wine storage room in your commercial custom wine cellar in Seattle.  This is built for a popular restaurant called the Capital Seafood. 

This striking commercial custom wine cellar project is made of an all-glass wall, except for one wall.  It is built with VintageView custom metal wine racks in a black satin finish and has a total storage capacity of 1,011 wine bottles. 

Another stunning commercial wine display features a glass enclosure that almost runs from floor to ceiling and metal wine racks from VintageView for the wine display. 

A modern commercial glass wine cellar gives an elegant and contemporary view of wine bottles. It will entice more customers to your business.

Glass-enclosed commercial custom wine cellars with metal wine racks are ideal for hospitality businesses because they provide customers with an exquisite view of different wine bottles.  

VintageView Metal Wine Racks for Effective and Stunning Display 

Click here to see more VintageView metal wine racks.

Aside from giving your wine cellar a modern and contemporary look, VintageView wine racks allow air to flow freely throughout your wine room. Efficient ventilation in the wine cellar helps in regulating optimum temperature and humidity levels inside the wine room.

VintageView metal wine racks are just perfect to complement the contemporary look of glass-enclosed commercial displays for restaurants, hotels, and wine bars.  They are functional and aesthetic, and the design can make your wine bottles look like they are floating in the air.

Moreover, VintageView metal wine racks allow an open-air flow around your wines, which promotes the proper distribution of liquid temperature.  This ensures that your wines are stored efficiently. 

The combination of metal wine racks and glass wall enclosures undoubtedly creates a perfect way to market your products and increase their salability.  Your wine-lover customers also get to enjoy the stunning view of your wine display assembly. 

Elegant Glass-Enclosed Contemporary Commercial Custom Wine Cellar

Aesthetics plays a critical role in the hospital business. In building your commercial custom wine cellar, you should consider both beautiful presentation and optimized storage.

Maximize your Profit. Start your Commercial Wine Cellar Project Now! 

A large volume of wine bottles displayed in a beautiful commercial custom wine cellar will drive more sales to your hospitality business.

If you are an owner of a restaurant, wine bar, or hotel in Seattle, start investing in a commercial custom wine cellar.

The wine cellar design and construction team at Custom Wine Cellars Seattle offers a free consultation with the client to discuss design specifications, storage techniques, budget, and even sales goals, which will determine the perfect wine storage and display layout for your business.  

Contemporary commercial wine display coupled with modern LED lighting will add class and sophistication to your business.

What this professional team learned from their previous clients is that to maximize day-to-day profitability, there must be a balance between these two: 

  • fully stocking the wine cellar with high-quality products 
  • and displaying your products in a manner that increases product visibility, enhances product recognition, and promotes upselling or reselling 

In short, more stocks of quality wines plus an impressive wine display leads to a positive impact on sales.

A Reliable Partner in Building Seattle Commercial Custom Wine Cellars

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is one of the leading wine cellar builders in the industry and is already a member of the Wine Cellar Designer’s Group.  This group ensures that the common standards in wine cellar design and construction are met to produce efficient wine storage solutions. 


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