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Traditional Wood Wine Racks

Elegant Traditional Wood Wine Racks

Elegant Traditional Wood Wine Racks

Wood has been a favorite material in building classic wine cellars in Seattle. Aside from adding elegance to a space, wood wine racks provide various design options and installation flexibility. They are also durable, making them a safe wine storage system for any collection. Custom Wine Cellars Seattle in southern Washington State uses high-quality hardwood in manufacturing traditional wine racks.          

Wood Wine Racks: Why Choose Them for Your Traditional Wine Cellar Project in Seattle?  

With many types and designs of wine racks available in the market, it is a smart idea to work with a professional like Custom Wine Cellars Seattle. It is known for being a trusted provider of stylish and functional wood wine racks. You can sit down and discuss with the team of experts your aesthetic and functional preferences, so they can recommend the most suitable racking system for your residential or commercial wine cellar. 

What are the Qualities That Make Wood Widely Used in the Construction of Traditional Wine Cellar Racks?  

Wood is widely used in manufacturing tables, chairs, and other furniture. With its useful properties, there is no doubt it is in demand in the construction industry. More builders, including Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, are using wood wine racks in their projects. 

Workability, Design Flexibility, and Durability   

Wood is easy to work with, allowing builders to create many style variations for wine racks. You can choose from different designs offered by Custom Wine Cellars Seattle. There are kit wine racks and custom wine racks.  

Wood Wine Rack Kits 
Wood Wine Rack Kits Seattle

Wood Wine Rack Kits are Recommended by Seattle Builders for Budget-Savvy Wine Collectors

Wine rack kits are available in different styles and sizes to fit the specific needs of every client. Custom Wine Cellars Seattle has stackable and modular wine racks recommended for budget-savvy wine collectors.  

You do not have to spend a hefty amount of money on building a full home wine cellar. Choose stackable wine racks if you are a beginner in wine collecting. They are available in 6-8 foot heights. You can purchase more storage units to accommodate additional bottles in your collection. Modular wine racks are also recommended for medium-sized collections.  

Custom Wine Cellars Seattle’s kit wine racks are manufactured with a 1.5” toe-kick base to prevent your wine racks from tilting or shaking due to an unstable or unbalanced base. These wine racks also come with horizontal dado spacer bars.    

The only disadvantage owine rack kits is that you cannot customize the design to fit irregular-shaped or odd-shaped wine rooms. For example, if you want to build a wine cellar utilizing the space under your staircase, kit wine racks will not fit the descending ceiling or the dimensions of your space perfectly. 

Custom Wine Racks  
Custom Wood Wine Racks Designed by Seattle Builders

Custom Wood Wine Racks Designed by Seattle Builders

If you want wood wine racks that fit the size and shape of your traditional wine cellar, customizing them is recommended. Custom wine racks are designed according to the measurement of your wine room, the number of bottles you intend to collect, the sizes of bottles, your design preferences, and your budget. 

When manufacturing wood wine racks, Custom Wine Cellars Seattle also considers the owner’s activities and helps add functionality and visual appeal to every racking system. Its design team can incorporate countertops or tabletops to provide the client with a comfortable space for decanting, tasting, and serving wine.  

You may want to add an eco-friendly feature to your wine rack design. If so, Custom Wine Cellars Seattle recommends tasting tables and tabletops made from reclaimed oak wine barrels.  

Although more expensive than purchasing wine rack kits, customizing your racking is an ideal option because it offers many advantages. More benefits of custom wood wine racks are listed below: 

  • Allow you to incorporate drawers, cabinets, or cigar humidors into your racking design
  • Your available space will be utilized for maximum capacity
  • You can design what bottle configurations to use (you can combine various racking styles)
  • Provide slots for large-format bottles
  • Increase the resale value of your home
  • Match the existing theme or decor of your home, retail store, or dining establishment
  • Impress guests
  • Create an elegant place for wine-tasting parties
  • Help create a beautiful presentation of your wines for sale
  • Attract potential customers and increase sales revenue
  • Make your wine cellar stand out from the rest by adding unique features
  • Allow you to choose your racking materials (Mahogany, Redwood, Alder, or Pine)

Examples of Wine Cellar Projects in Seattle Installed with Wood Wine Racks  

Custom Wine Cellars Seattle has completed many wine room installation projects using wood wine racks. The team’s creativity exceeded the client’s expectations.   

A Small Space Turned Into a Custom Wine Cellar with All Heart Redwood Wine Racks 

All Heart Redwood Wine Racks with Wine Barrel Tabletop Built by Seattle Master Builders

All Heart Redwood Wine Racks with Wine Barrel Tabletop Built by Seattle Master Builders

In this particular project, the wine racks were constructed from All-Heart Redwood. This wood species is known for its durability, high resistance to decay, and ability to withstand high levels of humidity. With proper care, wood wine racks made from Redwood can last for decades.    

The wood wine racks in this traditional wine cellar built in Seattle consist of individual storage, diamond X-bins, display rows, stemware racks, drawers, and a Cooperage-style wine barrel tabletop. Beer taps on beautiful stonework were also added.  

Mahogany Wood Wine Racks Add Aesthetic Appeal to a Home Wine Cellar in Seattle  

Home Custom Wine Cellar Installation in Seattle Using Mahogany Wine Racks

Home Custom Wine Cellar Installation in Seattle Using Mahogany Wine Racks

The owners of a home chose Mahogany wood wine racks for their wine cellar.

A Rustic stain was applied to the wood to create a more vibrant tone. The even texture and smooth grains of Mahogany make the wine racks look more appealing  

The space is not large, so Custom Wine Cellars Seattle created a racking design that would maximize the room’s capacity. The bottle configurations incorporated into the design were diamond cubes, half-diamond bins, individual wine racks, drawers, and a tabletop.   

Choose Wood Wine Racks for Your Next Wine Cellar Project in Seattle   

Let Our Experts in Designing Traditional Wine Racks Help You

Let Our Experts in Designing Traditional Wine Racks Help You

There are many reasons why choosing traditional wood wine racks for your wine cellar in Seattle is a brilliant idea. We use high-quality wood species like Redwood, Mahogany, Alder, and Pine. We also offer wine racks made from reclaimed oak wine barrels.

With many options available, you can create a stylish wine display and storage area for your prized wines.  If you need help or have any questions, please talk to one of our design specialists at +1 (206) 792-9912!