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Custom Wine Cellar with Metal Racking for an Elegant Home in Seattle

Elegant Residential Custom Wine Cellar with Metal Wine Racks Designed by Seattle Experts

Elegant Residential Custom Wine Cellar with Metal Wine Racks Designed by Seattle Experts

Collecting wine requires you to invest in a wine cellar. Before you start your wine cellar construction project, you must have a specific design for your custom wine racks so that your aesthetic and functional requirements are met. In their recent project in Seattle, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars Seattle utilized a simple and elegant metal racking system to transform a room into a beautiful work of art. 

Excellent Residential Custom Wine Cellar Conversion Project Completed by a Professional Builder in Seattle  

Do you collect wines and have been storing your collection on your kitchen shelves or in cardboard boxes? If you are serious about this hobby and desire to increase the lifespan of your wines, your best option is to invest in a refrigerated wine cellar. Keep in mind that to avoid costly mistakes and regrets in the future, you must hire a builder who takes their job seriously.  

Do not be attracted by cheap quotes without making sure that the company has extensive knowledge in transforming a room into a wine storage facility designed for long-term storage.   

In one of their projects in Seattle, our partner, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars was contacted by the homeowners of a high-end home. The clients wanted to have a safe wine storage room for their collection. They decided to work with the Coastal team because they knew that this builder had proven reliability and expertise in building custom wine cellars.  

Custom Wine Rack System Designed to Maximize Visual Impact and Functionality  

Floor to Ceiling Metal Wine Rack System for a Home Custom Wine Cellar in Seattle

Floor to Ceiling Metal Wine Rack System Designed for a Home Custom Wine Cellar in Seattle

At Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, their creative team always aims to transform a space into a work of art. They design residential wine rooms with form and function in mind.  

For this particular project, the clients wanted a wine cellar that exudes simplicity and elegance. At first, they were eyeing traditional wooden custom wine racks. However, when the Coastal team introduced a metal wine rack system by VintageView, they thought this contemporary racking would be perfect for their wine cellar.  

Floor-to-Ceiling Metal Wine Racks: Features and Benefits That Make Them Popular Among Seattle Homeowners and Builders  

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars utilized the VintageView floor-to-ceiling custom wine racks to preserve the extraordinary finish of the walls. The frames for this type of racking eliminated the need for the wine racks to be affixed directly on the wall.  

VintageView metal wine racks can go well with any wall finish. On this project, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars installed the wine racks on both sides of the door, on the right, and back walls.  

We applied the Black Chrome (or Black Pearl) finish to the wine racks, which was perfect in achieving the contemporary look desired by the owners. Other finishes that you can choose for your metal wine racks include Brushed Nickel, Satin Black, and Polished Chrome. 

Impressive Custom Wine Display: Illusion of Floating Bottles and Dramatic Lighting  

Label Forward Bottle Configuration VintageView Metal Wine Racks Add a Luxurious Appeal to the Custom Wine Cellar Installed by Seattle BuildersLabel Forward Bottle Configuration VintageView Metal Wine Racks Add a Luxurious Appeal to the Custom Wine Cellar Installed by Seattle Builders

Label Forward Bottle Configuration VintageView Metal Custom Wine Racks Add a Luxurious Appeal to the Custom Wine Cellar Installed by Seattle Builders

Moreover, the floor-to-ceiling wine racks create a display where bottles look like they are floating in the air. They also allow you to stun your guests by switching on the backlighting, which illuminates the wall behind the custom wine racks. The light bounces off the wine bottles, creating spectacular streaks of light.          

Label-Forward Bottle Configuration for Convenience in the Perusal of Your Wines  

Another advantage of choosing the metal wine rack systems by VintageView is the label forward bottle orientation This feature provides ease of access to the wines. The labels are facing out, which means you do not have to flip the bottle to see its description.  

Label forward configuration prevents disturbing the sediments in the bottom of the bottle and prevents the alteration of the wine’s texture and flavor.  

Wine Cellar Cooling System: a Crucial Component for Proper Wine Storage 

As an experienced builder in Seattle, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars knows and understands the significant role of the wine cooling system in the proper preservation of your wines. Temperature and humidity must be monitored and kept constant to protect your collection from damage.  

A safe wine cellar environment has temperatures ranging from 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperature fluctuations will ruin your favorite vintages, causing undesirable flavors and aromas.  

Moreover, failure to achieve the optimum humidity level (between 60 to 70 percent) will dry out the cork and allow an unwanted amount of air to reach your wine and cause oxidation. When this happens, the wine will smell like wet cardboard or burnt fruit.  

Choose the Most Suitable Refrigeration System for Your Wine Cellar by Working with an Expert in Seattle  

Custom Wine Cellar Equipped with an Efficient Wine Cooling Unit Seattle

Custom Wine Cellar in Seattle Equipped with a Beautiful Door and an Efficient Wine Cooling Unit

Before choosing the type, size, and brand of refrigeration system for this beautiful custom wine cellar in Seattle, the Coastal team performed a heat load calculation, a standard procedure followed by professional builders.  

Skipping this step will ruin your wines and result in equipment breakdowns. If you want to avoid costly mistakes in the future, you must work with a wine cellar cooling expert like Coastal Custom Wine Cellars and Custom Wine Cellars Seattle.  

For this contemporary wine cellar installation project, the builder installed a self-contained ducted air cooling system. The main advantage of this type of refrigeration unit is that no equipment is visible in your wine room. No space is occupied by the cooling unit, and there is no distracting noise coming from it. The cold air supply and return are ducted to and from the wine cellar.   

Learn more about the different types of wine cooling systems offered by Custom Wine Cellars Seattle.  

Build a Contemporary Custom Wine Cellar in Your Home. Work with a Professional in Seattle! 

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars completed another awe-inspiring wine cellar conversion project. They utilized stylish metal custom wine racks by VintageView and installed an efficient wine cooling system.  

If you are looking for a creative and trusted wine cellar designer and builder, do not hesitate to call Custom Wine Cellars Seattle at  +1 (206) 792-9912