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Glass Wine Cellars for Guest Houses in Seattle

Glass wine cellars in Seattle homes never fail to awe every guest. When you are having a special event over at your house or just having brunch with your closest friends, wine is definitely a staple. It adds to the joyous moment and enhances the taste of the feast.

This glass wine cellar had its own dedicated seating area. You know right away that this homeowner is more than just a collector.

When wine is served at the right temperature and aged correctly, it just takes the merriment to the next level. You get to taste the authentic flavor and to top it off, you feel a warmth in your chest that soothes your senses. Having a glass wine cellar adds to the quality of this experience, and we’ll let you in on the details of how one is built.

With us at Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, we can help you get started on the planning and creation of your home glass wine cellar in any area in Seattle. 

How We Start the Glass Wine Cellar Planning Stage

When starting a wine cellar project anywhere in Seattle, we always have a collaborative and efficient process. We prioritize our clients by incorporating any detail they want and then executing it with our top designers and builders. In creating your glass wine cellars, our knowledge and specialized skills in building a wine cellar make the process more efficient. In every step, we will give you our expert opinion. Before we collaborate and begin planning, come and see how we built this specific glass wine cellar with our partners. 

The Designing Process of Creating Glass Wine Cellars

Designing a glass wine cellar is the most fun part. Since your cellar is made of glass, you don’t need to go inside the cellar to marvel at your wine’s incredible beauty. Any interior designs, furnishing, and style are easily seen outside. So when designing a glass wine cellar in Seattle, we get down into the details and ensure everything fits perfectly. 

This is just one part of this glass wine cellar’s wooden racks.

Alongside making sure your wine cellar looks pleasing, the design also takes storage into the equation. We want your Seattle glass wine cellar to be able to store your bottles of red safely. We consider how you want to display your finest bottles and how much you want to expand your wine collection.

In this project, the owner wanted enough storage for over a thousand bottles in their glass wine cellar. With 1,500 bottles of liquor, organizing can be confusing. So we designed a functional storage system with multiple racking configurations. Specifically, we utilized display rows, case storage, and X bins. Designing multiple racking configurations is a great way to safely store hundreds of wines within a limited space without looking overwhelming and busy. 

In addition to storage, the owner also wanted the racking to contrast the glass. Even if the glass is sturdy, people are used to the impression that glass is fragile and soft. So to contrast this impression of softness, we used wooden materials for the wine racks. It gave the glass wine cellar a good balance between sturdy and soft elements.

For this project, we chose the Alderwood racking with Early American stain. It gave the glass wine cellar a brown and tan hue that made the space feel more masculine but, at the same time, very cozy. It also made the racking stick out from the glass wine cellar walls. If you want wooden racking for your glass wine cellar, you can consider mahogany, premium redwood, and alderwood. We can also introduce you to some modern wine cellar racks made from metal or stainless steel.

This glass wine cellar’s door, even if it’s framed with wood, is tightly rid of air gaps.

How We Maintain the Temperature in Your Glass Wine Cellars

There are numerous wine room cooling systems available in the market. These will help the wine age beautifully so that its taste remains as authentic as possible. When you’re choosing a cooling unit for your glass wine cellars in Seattle, it is best to consult a professional. We could assist you in choosing the right cooling unit for your glass wine room. 

For this project, we assisted the owner in finding the right cooling system and expertly installed it. Since the cellar was built in a guesthouse, the owner wanted to divide the area. They wanted half of the room to serve as the glass wine cellar while the other half would be a wine lounge area. This choice increased the efficiency of the temperature regulation within the glass wine cellar. Due to the smaller space, the cooling system had to maintain, the owner was able to have a more energy-saving cooling solution.

A Simple But Unique Glass Wine Cellar

As a finishing touch to the glass wine cellar, we added a stained glass Barolo door for the guesthouse entrance. It made for a gorgeous entrance into the glass wine cellar. The stain of the glass door makes a beautiful reflection on the guesthouse that just makes the glass wine cellar pop. 

So if you are on the hunt to add more of a flourish and shine to your Seattle glass wine cellars, consider looking for more creative glass pieces such as doors, windows, and glass panels. With this project, you can see how the choice of artistic glass wine cellar doors can bring a joyful hint of color to the room and really make it stand out. 

This Barolo door leads to this home’s dedicated glass wine cellar.

At Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, We Can Help Your Glass Wine Cellars Become Valuable

With our years of knowledge and experience at Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, we can help you build a traditional wine cellar or glass wine cellar that will surely attract and add beauty to your space. Our team of builders and creative designers can work with you to ensure your personality translates into your home glass wine cellar anywhere in Seattle. Whether your residence is in Broadmoor, Denny-Blaine, Laurelhurst, Madison Park, Montlake, Madison Valley, or Matthews Beach, we can build your glass wine cellars. You can start by contacting our office at +1 (206) 792-9912.