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WhisperKOOL Wine Cellar Cooling Units

Residential Custom Cellar Installed with a WhisperKOOL XLT Wine Cooling Unit Seattle

Residential Custom Cellar Installed with a WhisperKOOL XLT Wine Cooling Unit by Designers and Builders in Seattle

Features and Benefits of WhisperKOOL Wine Cooling Systems that Make Them a Top Choice of Seattle Wine Cellar Designers and Builders

One of the most crucial decisions in wine cellar construction is choosing the wine cellar refrigeration system to install. To avoid mistakes and a waste of investment, you must work with a builder in Seattle who has extensive knowledge about the technical requirements of maintaining the optimum wine storage conditions in your wine cellar 

Why Custom Wine Cellars Seattle Recommends the WhisperKOOL Refrigeration Systems 

When you work with a wine cellar refrigeration expert, you can be assured that your wine cellar will keep your collection safe for many years to come. At Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, we offer and recommend wine cellar cooling units manufactured by WhisperKOOL because we have proven their efficiency and reliability.  

For more than 20 years, their products have been widely used in both residential and commercial applications.  

Benefits and Advantages of WhisperKOOL Wine Cellar Cooling Units That Make Them a Top-Choice of Builders and Designers in Seattle 

  • Maximum Performance – WhisperKOOL’s commercial-grade wine cellar cooling units are designed for maximum efficiency. These units are available in different sizes and capacities to fit your needs. 
  • Quiet Operation – Noise is an essential consideration when choosing a climate control system for your custom wine cellar in Seattle. WhisperKOOL refrigeration units offer ultra-quiet operation.   
  • Wide Range of Choices – Wine cooling systems by WhisperKOOL are available in different types and models. There is one unit that will suit your requirements. 

Types and Models of WhisperKOOL Wine Cellar Cooling Systems 

You can choose from many models depending on your needs. We perform a heat load calculation to help us determine the correct size and capacity of your wine cooling unit. Other important factors to consider when choosing your wine cellar refrigeration system are the size and location of your wine cellar, availability of an exhaust room, glass components, noise production, and your aesthetic preference.  

WhisperKOOL Self-Contained (Through-the-Wall) Refrigeration Systems 

WhisperKOOL’s self-contained or through-the-wall wine cellar cooling systems are perfect for small wine cellars. The compact-size unit can be mounted in between wall studs, eliminating the need for a structure that will support the equipment. Moreover, we recommend this type of cooling unit for wine cellars with a great amount of glass in walls and doors. 

Since the evaporator and the condenser are housed in the same unit, you can expect a minimal amount of noise. If you want to save money, a self-contained system is your best choice because it does not require an HVAC technician.  

However, an adjacent exhaust room is needed for venting the hot air produced by the wine cooling system. Keep in mind that the size of the exhaust room must be twice the size of your wine cellar for proper heat dissipation. 

SC Series  

SC Series Wine cellar Cooling Unit: a Favorite Choice of Seattle Designers and Builders

SC Series Wine cellar Cooling Unit: a Favorite Choice of Seattle Designers and Builders

The SC Series cooling units are the replacement for the XLT Series and are designed using the latest technology. The advanced digital controller allows you to view and monitor the temperature of your wine cellar conveniently. They are equipped with an audible warning that produces a sound if the conditions in your wine room are outside the ideal range.  Moreover, they are designed with a bottle probe for monitoring the temperature of the wines.  

Slimline Series  

WhisperKOOL Slimline Wine Cellar Cooling Units are Recommended by Seattle Builders

WhisperKOOL Slimline Wine Cellar Cooling Units are Recommended by Seattle Builders

Tiny or narrow spaces need a compact-sized wine cellar cooling unit like the Slimline Series. As the name implies, this WhisperKOOL product can be installed between the door and ceiling. It has an energy-saving mode and an advanced electronic display. 

Extreme Series Self-Contained 

The Extreme Series refrigeration systems are equipped with large multi-speed and quiet fans to help minimize your power consumption and provide good airflow around the room.  They are also easy to install. They have a bottle probe and contain oversized coils for effective dissipation of heat. 

  • Extreme ti – Has variable speed fans and provides efficient performance even in the most extreme conditions outdoorsProduces noise as low as 51 decibels. The digital controller and display are located on the front of the unit. Therefore, you have to enter your wine cellar to check the conditions in it.   
  • Extreme tiR Self-Contained System  This line of WhisperKOOL’s Extreme Series is an upgrade to the Extreme ti Series. It makes use of the KDT Plus remote controller and thermostat. Unlike the Extreme ti, the display and controller can be mounted outside the wine room up to 50 ft. away. It means you can view the temperature inside the wine cellar without having to enter.  

Fully Ducted Self-Contained WhisperKOOL Wine Cellar Cooling Units: Why Seattle  Clients Like Them

Fully Ducted Self Contained Extreme_3500tiR WhisperKOOL Seattle

Fully Ducted Self-Contained Extreme_3500tiR WhisperKOOL Seattle

If you do not want to hear any noise or do not want to see any equipment in your residential or commercial wine cellar in Seattle, we recommend the fully ducted wine cellar cooling unit. There will be no equipment visible in your wine room. The cold air is ducted into the wine cellar and the warm air is dissipated to an exhaust room through a ductwork.  

Extreme tiR Fully Ducted System 

WhisperKOOL’s highest-end wine cooling unit is the Extreme tiR (FD), which is intended for fully ducted installations.  Its monitor and controller can be installed outside the wine room.  

Phantom Series 

WhisperKOOL Phantom Wine Cellar Cooling System Seattle

WhisperKOOL Phantom Wine Cellar Cooling System Seattle

The Phantom Series consists of wine cellar cooling systems with powerful cooling capacity. These fully ducted units are your best option if you have a large wine cellar in your Seattle home or commercial establishment. Another feature of the Phantom cooling system is its flexible design where the blowers can be oriented to the top, left, or right of the unitPlease take note that an HVAC technician is needed for the installation.  

Ductless Split Wine Cellar Cooling Units: Why Builders in Seattle Recommend Them

With this type of wine cellar refrigeration system in Seattle, the evaporator can be installed inside the wine room or in any area near your wine cellar in Seattle. The condenser, which is the noisy component, can be placed outdoors, in an attic, or any room with good ventilation (up to 100 feet away from the evaporator). This type of installation results in a quiet operation.  

The grille of every Ductless Split wine cooling unit is in a black powder-coated finish.  Make sure that you hire a qualified HVAC-R technician for the installation in order to prevent void of warranty.    

Ceiling Mount Series Wine Cellar Refrigeration System 

WhisperKool Ductless Platinum Mini Split Wine Cellar Refrigeration System

WhisperKool Ductless Platinum Mini Split Wine Cellar Refrigeration System

Choose WhisperKOOL’s Ceiling Mount cooling system if you do not want any equipment occupying your racking or wall space. This type of unit is recessed up in the ceiling and functions by drawing in the air that was accumulated at the ceiling. The unit can be mounted vertically or horizontally, depending on the space availability.  

Platinum Ductless Split 

Another ductless split wine cellar refrigeration system is the Platinum Split Series, which is designed for ultra-quiet operation. The condenser can be installed outdoors provided it is contained in an exterior housing.     

Ducted Split Systems  

Ducted Split Quantum 9000 WhisperKOOL Wine Cellar Cooling Unit for Seattle Wine Cellars

Ducted Split Quantum 9000 WhisperKOOL Wine Cooling Unit for Seattle Wine Cellars

WhisperKOOL’s ducted split system allows the evaporator to be mounted in your wine cellar or installed near the condensing unit with ductwork. Installation must be done by a qualified HVAC-R technician. 

Quantum Ducted Split Wine Cellar Refrigeration System

With a capacity of 9000/12000 BTU, the Quantum ducted split cooling systems can provide maximum cooling efficiency to large wine cellars. The air handler can be ducted up to 25 feet, allowing you and your guests to enjoy a virtually quiet environment in your wine cellar in Seattle. 

The units have an energy-saving mode option, a bottle probe, and an electro-fin coating to prevent the evaporator coil from corroding.  

Platinum Ducted Split Wine Cellar Cooling Units

The Platinum Split system by WhisperKOOL allows the evaporator to be placed up to 25 feet away from the wine room, while the condensing unit should be 100 feet away. Like other WhisperKOOL wine refrigeration system models, the Platinum Split system comes with a bottle probe and an advanced digital control system. 

Choose a WhisperKOOL Wine Cooling System for Your Wine Cellar in Seattle 

Custom Wine Cellars Seattle recommends WhisperKOOL’s wine cooling systems because their commercial-grade products are equipped with functionality and safety features. Moreover, their refrigeration units are made of high-quality materials. 

Do you have questions about WhisperKOOL wine cooling units or need help in choosing the right model for your wine cellar? Contact an expert wine cellar designer and builder in Seattle at +1 (206) 792-9912