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Cable Wine Systems’ Modern Racking Can Bring Your Space to a New Level

Exceptional Custom Wine Cellar with Modern Wine Racks from Cable Wine Systems

Exceptional Custom Wine Cellar with Modern Wine Racks from Cable Wine Systems

The demand for contemporary designs is increasing in residential properties and commercial establishments. As a member of Wine Cellar Designers Group, we at Custom Wine Cellars Seattle want to satisfy our client’s thirst for a modern interior. So we offer innovative products from Cable Wine Systems.  

Cable Wine Systems: The Perfect Wine Storage System for Creating Wow-Worthy Wine Displays in Residential and Commercial Wine Cellars    

You do not have to spend a hefty amount of money to create a luxury wine cellar design for your home or business. When you work with a design specialist and master builder, you can be sure that your requirements and expectations are met.  

At Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, our goal is to create safe and one-of-a-kind wine displays and storage areas. We have seen the demand for minimalist and modern designs. To meet our client’s needs, we offer beautiful products from Cable Wine Systems. We have been utilizing these wine racks for many years now, mostly in high-end homes, restaurants, wine stores, hotels, and bars.

In 2011, Cable Wine Systems was developed in Ontario, CanadaThey want to create an innovative wine storage system, a more stylish option than the traditional wood racking and conventional metal wine racks, and a racking that will complement the existing décor of their client’s home or commercial establishment. With these goals in mind, they came up with a minimalist and modern racking solution that fits any budget.  

During the public introduction of its product line in 2012, Cable Wine Systems impressed designers, architects, contractors, and builders. After receiving positive feedback and recommendations, Cable Wine Systems started to become more widely known internationally because of the features and benefits it offers.  

The tension set, vertical, cables, glass cradles, and clamps make up the Cable Wine Systems. The function of the tension set is to anchor the top and bottom of the vertical cables. The clamps provide support to the horizontal cables.  

Reasons to Love the Cable Wine Systems   

Contemporary Wine Racks by Cable Wine Systems Add Aesthetic Value to Homes or Business Establishments

The Minimalist Wine Racks by Cable Wine Systems Add Aesthetic Value to Homes or Business Establishments

If you are unsure whether the Cable Wine Systems fits your needs, let us give you some reasons to love these elegant contemporary wine racks.  

The Minimalist Design of Cable Wine Systems Will Make Your Space Look Luxurious and Clutter-Free 

Cable Wine Systems are designed to display your bottles as if they are floating in mid-air. These wine racks will not only leave your guests in awe. It will also provide a memorable experience in your modern home wine cellar because its minimalist designs create a relaxing ambiance and a clutter-free interior.  

Durable Materials and Finish Options to Match Your Space 

Wine racks by Cable Wine Systems are made from durable stainless steel cables and brass clamps to prevent your bottles from falling. You will be provided with finish options for the tension sets (Chrome and Satin Nickel). For the clamps, you have only one choice, which is the Chrome finish.       

Visibility of the Wine Labels 

The wine storage racks of Cable Wine Systems are designed for easy access to the bottles. They are designed to hold bottles with the labels facing out. The label of the bottles stored at the top section of the racking is facing down while the label of the bottles in the bottom section is facing up. Keep in mind that you can choose a racking design that holds the bottles in a cork-forward orientation.   

Design Flexibility and Versatility 

Another reason to love the wine racks from Cable Wine Systems is their design flexibility and versatility. These factors are essential, so you will have the opportunity to decide how big the spacing between bottles will be.   

 If you have large format bottles in your collection, you can request our design team to include storage space for these bottles. The spacing between the cables can be adjusted to fit Magnums, Champagnes, and any bottle up to 1500ml. No additional cost is required. 

You may also choose a cable wine system with racking that stores the bottles with the neck angled down, floating shelves, or a combination of these racing styles. If you only have a few bottles in your collection, you may choose to increase the horizontal row spacing. We can adjust the vertical spacing between the horizontal cables if you want a unique wall or wall décor that you want to show off.  

For the accent lighting, we will provide you with attractive ways to illuminate your residential or commercial wine cellar installed with a modern racking from Cable Wine Systems.  

Custom Wine Racks: Create a Visually Appealing Wine Display According to Your Specific Needs 

Customizing your wine racks allows you to incorporate unique features and choose the capacity of our racking. We will design your cable wine system according to the following factors: 

  • The size and shape of your wine room 
  • The number and sizes of bottles in your collection
    The existing theme of your home or commercial establishment 
  • Your aesthetic preferences 
  • Your budget 

If you want to build a wine cellar in an irregular-shaped room like a closet under the stairs where the ceiling is uneven, a tiny corner, or a narrow hallway, we recommend that you go for a custom cable wine system. 

Contemporary Wine Racks  

Contemporary Wine Racks Made by Cable Wine Systems Offer Many Benefits

Contemporary Wine Racks Made by Cable Wine Systems Offer Many Benefits

The contemporary wine racks from Cable Wine Systems were engineered to create attention-grabbing wine displays. A captivating residential wine room is ideal for those who love to entertain friends. A minimalist yet elegant wine cellar will attract the attention of potential customers and generate wine sales.  

Luxury Wine Racks from Cable Wine Systems  

Luxurious wine cellars for homes and businesses do not require a hefty amount of money or a large room. At Custom Wine Cellars Austin, we have been offering contemporary wine racks from Cable Wine Systems to cater to the needs of modern wine collectors who want to achieve a luxury wine room.  

FAQ’s About the Price, Lead Time, Options, and Installation  

 We have had customers who had many questions before deciding to purchase a cable wine system. These questions helped them determine if purchasing a wine rack from Cable Wine Systems was the ideal choice.  

  1. What is the cost of a cable wine system? – Setting a budget for your wine racks is crucial. The price of a cable wine system will depend on the measurement of your racking. Please let us know your financial requirements, and our design experts will carefully plan for your wine storage racks. 
  2.  What are the available finishes? – The finish of your cable wine system will have a significant effect on the overall appearance of your wine cellar. The clamps of your cable wine system are only available in Chrome finish while you can choose between Satin Nickel and Chrome for your tension sets.   
  3.  What is the lead time for my cable wine system?  ideally, Cable Wine Systems ships out their wine racks within two weeks to 1 month from the date you ordered the product. Your order will arrive after 3 to 12 weeks, depending on the demand and other factors that can cause delays in the shipping of your racking. 
  4. Can I install the cable wine system myself? – You cannot do the installation yourself. You will need the help of a professional contractor for the assembly and installation of your cable wine system.  
  5. Are installation services provided by Cable Wine Systems? – Installation services are not provided by Cable Wine Systems. However, if there is an authorized dealer located in our area, they may recommend someone to install your cable wine system. If you hire your own installer, they are willing to provide technical support and assistance 

Invest in a Modern Wine Rack System from Cable Wine Systems 

Cable Wine Systems offers innovative wine storage racks designed to display your finest collection attractively and securely. If you have any questions, please call us at  +1 (206) 792-9912