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Professional Tips for Choosing the Best Custom Wine Rack Design and Material for Your Residential Wine Cellar

Residential Custom Wine Racks Designed by Seattle Experts

Residential Custom Wine Racks Designed by Seattle Experts

Custom wine racks are intended to store wines safely and display them attractively. It is a smart idea to work with a specialist who is creative and knowledgeable in designing and installing wine racks. In this article, Custom Wine Cellars Seattle will give you tips for choosing the wine racks that suit your needs.    

A Helpful Guide to Choosing Custom Wine Racks for Your Residential Wine Cellar in Seattle  

If you are building a residential wine cellar, you will need a well-designed custom wine rack system to ensure that your wines are kept securely and displayed beautifully. There is plethora of wine racks in the market, and choosing the best ones for your custom wine cellar without the help of an expert can be very challenging.  

We listed some useful tips when choosing the best custom wine racks for your residential wine cellar.  

Work with an Expert in Designing Elegant and Durable Custom Wine Racks for Residential Wine Cellars  

Wrong decisions can result in a costly expense or a waste of investment. For example, you chose wine racks, which you thought would look good when installed in your residential custom wine cellar. After the installation, you found out that the wine racks did not complement your home’s style, or they did not fit the shape of your wine room well. Then, you decided to modify the whole racking and spend money again!   

We also had clients who worked with a builder who lacked knowledge about designing custom wine racks for residential wine cellars in Seattle. They ended up calling us to seek help in creating a stunning and functional wine rack system that suits their specific needs.  

Keep in mind that it pays to know the background and experience of the wine rack supplier to ensure that you are working with a knowledgeable company. It is also necessary to look for the client’s testimonials about the products and services of the manufacturer.             

When you work with Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, you will not have to worry about anything. Our wine rack specialists will ensure that your racking meets your aesthetic and functional requirements. We will help build a wine rack system that will not only make your residential custom wine cellar stand out from the rest and enhance the beauty of your home but also keep your collection safe for many years to come.  

Choose the Right Design and Material for Your Custom Wine Racks  

Traditional Custom Wine Rack Design for a Home Wine Cellar in Seattle

Traditional Custom Wine Rack Design for a Home Wine Cellar in Seattle

Keep in mind that the design and material for your custom wine racks will be affected by the following factors: 

  • Your personal preference 
  • The existing theme or decor of your home 
  • The size and shape of your residential wine cellar 
  • The number of bottles you intend to collect 
  • Your budget    

How to Choose a Wine Rack Design for Your Residential Custom Wine Cellar   

When choosing a design for your racking system, consulting with a reliable builder like Custom Wine Cellars Seattle is a smart idea. We will assess your needs and recommend the best options for your residential custom wine cellar.  

Kit Wine Racks and Modular Wine Racks: Recommended for Beginners and Small Wine Collection 
Wooden Wine Rack Kits

Wooden Wine Rack Kits are Ideal for Small Wine Collections and Rectangular-Shaped Wine Cellars

We have kit wine racks and modular wine racks, which are ready-made and available in various sizes and styles. Kit wine racks are ideal for beginners in wine collecting who are planning to store only a few wines in their residential wine cellar. However, keep in mind that these wine storage units are recommended for and easy to install in rectangular or square-shaped wine rooms.   

Learn more about our kit wine racks. 

Custom Wine Racks for Creating a Unique Wine Storage System in Your Residential Wine Cellar in Austin 

A custom design for your wine racks offers many benefits. You can add a personal touch to your wine racks by incorporating custom features into the design. You may add a cigar humidor if you are a cigar smoker. You may also include murals, tabletops, stemware racks, drawers, cabinets, beer taps, and a wine bar. 

Moreover, your custom wine racks will be manufactured according to the size and shape of your residential wine cellar in Seattle. We recommend this option for residential wine cellars under the stairs where the ceiling is descending, in a walk-in closet, or in any odd-shaped room.   

Racking Styles Intended for a Large Wine Collection  
 Wine Racks were Customized for Bulk Storage in a Residential Wine Cellar

Wine Racks were Customized for Bulk Storage in a Residential Wine Cellar

If you have a hundred or more bottles in your wine collection, we suggest the following wine rack styles: 

  • Solid or Lattice Diamond Bins (wood) – The bottles are stored on top of each other; ideal for bulk storage              
  • Case Storage Bins (wood) – Intended for storing wooden cases 
  • Double or Triple Deep Wine Racks (wood or metal) – Wooden and metal wine racks can be double or triple-deep to increase the storage capacity of your residential custom wine cellar   

Wine Rack Material: Which One Suits Your Needs?   

Most substandard wine racks are made with plastic cleats or wood that is not durable. Working with a reliable supplier will ensure that your custom wine racks are made of high-grade materials.  

Custom Metal VintageView Wine Racks Residential Installation Project in Seattle

Custom VintageView Metal Wine Racks Residential Installation Project in Seattle

When choosing a wine rack material, structural integrity is the first thing to consider. Wine racks made from metal and wood are the most durable. Custom Wine Cellars Seattle offers metal wine racks from VintageView, which is known as a top-notch supplier of modern wine rack systems. Their wine racks are made from durable materials.  

We also offer wooden wine racks made from high-quality hardwood species such as Mahogany, Redwood, Alder, and Pine. These types of wood have a longer lifespan than softwood. Moreover, they can withstand the high humidity levels in refrigerated residential custom wine cellars.   

Another thing to remember is to make sure that the wood, paints, and finishes do not release noxious fumes or gases. This process, where chemicals are emitted, is called off-gassing. It can affect the quality of the wines stored in your residential custom wine cellar. At Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, we use high-quality hardwood and apply stains and finishes that do not emit harmful chemicals into the air.     

Seek the Help of an Expert in Choosing the Best Wine Rack Solution for Your Residential Custom Wine Cellar in Seattle

 Are you looking for a builder who has the expertise, creativity, and passion to create stylish and durable wine racks for your residential custom wine cellar? Custom Wine Cellars Seattle will help build a stunning racking system made of high-quality materials.        

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