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Inspiring Residential Wine Cellar Designs for Your Project in Seattle

Elegant Residential Wine Cellar Design Created by Seattle Experts

Elegant Residential Wine Cellar Design Created by Seattle Experts

You can prevent wine construction mistakes if you are smart in choosing Looking for a residential custom wine cellar design expert? Contact us today! Designing a wine room requires skills, passion, and experience to ensure that everything is in place, and your requirements are provided 

Jaw-Dropping Residential Custom Wine Cellar Designs That Will Leave Your Guests in Awe  

Custom Wine Cellars Seattle is composed of trained and skillful members who have extensive knowledge in building wine storage spaces. For many years, we have been creating stylish designs for homes. We are not only passionate about providing excellent service but are also creative in designing wine rooms.  

To help us determine your needs, we will make a careful assessment before making 3-dimensional drawings. We will incorporate all of the features that you desire for your wine room. In this article, we will discuss the elegant residential custom wine cellar designs that can give you an idea or inspiration for your next project. 

1. Glass Wine Cellars: Add a Classy Feature to Your Home in Seattle 

Glass Residential Custom Wine Cellar Designed by Seattle Experts

Glass Residential Custom Wine Cellar Designed by Seattle Experts

One great way to feature your wine collection is by displaying them in a glass-enclosed wine cellar. Many of our clients had chosen this type of wine cellar because they wanted their favorite vintages to be visible from the dining room, kitchen, or entertainment area.  

Glass walls and doors are also widely used in building custom wine cellars under stairs. Let a residential custom wine cellar design expert add dramatic lighting to complete your wine display area!   

Considerations in Designing and Building Residential Glass Wine Cellars in Seattle 

Keep in mind that there are many considerations when your residential wine cellar design consists of glass components. The glass panels should be dual-paned and have exterior-grade insulation. A well-insulated glass wine cellar door will prevent the formation of condensation on the door, walls, wine racks, labels, cork, and ceiling.  

Moreover, a thermally insulated glass door will also help your wine cellar refrigeration system to work more efficiently. Your wine cooling unit will be forced to work hard to achieve the ideal environment in your wine cellar if the glass panels are not insulated. It can cause a costly expense for the repair or replacement of your wine refrigeration system. 

2. Residential Custom Wine Cellar Design with a Bar Area 

At Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, we have built wine rooms with a bar area. This feature provides a space for decanting, serving, and tasting the wines. It also adds character and luxury to your home.    

Customizing the design of your wine bar will allow you to incorporate unique features such as drawers, cabinets, and cigar humidors. You may also add a sink and beer taps.   

3. Residential Wine Cellar Design with Eco-Friendly Features  

Wine Barrel Carving and Flooring for Residential Custom Wine Cellars

Wine Barrel Carving and Flooring for Residential Custom Wine Cellars

You can have an attractive wine room while being environment-friendly. Barrels are used in wineries for storing wines until they are ready for bottling. After their shelf life, they are usually dumped into landfills. Instead of letting this happen, experts in residential wine cellar design thought of ways to reuse them.  

  • Wine Barrel Racks 
  • Wine Barrel Sink 
  • Wine Barrel Flooring 
  • Wine Barrel Carvings 

4. Rustic Residential Custom Wine Cellar Design 

A rustic residential wine cellar design is a favorite choice of homeowners who want a Tuscan-style wine display and storage area in their home. It makes use of wood and stone on the walls and ceiling. Rustic wine cellars lean towards neutral colors. They have earthy tones that range from gray to brown.          

5. A Unique Underground Residential Wine Cellar Design 

One great way to build a wine cellar is to use an underground space in your home. An underground wine cellar can be a hidden feature in your home, which you can show to your guests if you want to. We can customize the door and make it look like it is part of your flooring, or you can choose a glass door where you and your visitors can see your wine collection from the ground they are stepping on.  

6. Modern Wine Racks Will Make Your Residential Wine Cellar Design Pop 

Contemporary residential custom wine-cellar-design Seattle

Contemporary Residential Custom Wine Cellar Designed with VintageView Wall Mounted Wine Racks

Since metal custom wine racks became popular among interior designers, architects, contractors, and builders, the demand for modern residential custom wine cellars has been increasing. At Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, we can create eye-catching wine displays with metal wine racks.  

We offer different types of metal racking systems that will make your home wine cellar stand out from the rest.  

VintageView Wine Racks  

At Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, we recommend VintageView custom wine racks for those who want a contemporary residential wine cellar designWine storage systems from VintageView are designed to make the bottles look as if they are floating in the air. You may choose wall-mounted, floor-to-ceiling, or freestanding wine racks. You may also mix them to come up with a stylish residential wine cellar design that will impress your guests.    

PEG Series Metal Wine Racks 

Wine PEG Series Metal Wine Racks are Ideal for Designing Residential Custom Wine Cellars in Seattle

Wine PEG Series Metal Wine Racks are Ideal for Designing Residential Custom Wine Cellars in Seattle

If you have a few bottles in your collection and desire to bring dull walls in your home to life, we recommend that you go for the PEG Series wine racks. This peg and board wine rack system is also ideal if you are looking for an economical way to display your favorite vintages, we recommend that you go for the PEG Series wine racks. This type of wine storage system is easy and will save you money if you want to increase the storage capacity of your wine cellar.  

Unlike other types of wine racks, the PEG Series allows you to expand your bottle capacity without modifying the whole racking. All you have to do is purchase more pegs or rods to accommodate the newly added bottles in your collection.  

Work with One of the Residential Custom Wine Cellar Design Experts in Seattle  

If you looking for a residential wine cellar design expert who can create a wine room that will stand out from the rest. Custom Wine Cellars Seattle transforms spaces into striking home wine cellars. We are one of the most reliable wine cellar installers in Washington State. 

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