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Glass Wine Cellars

Traditional Home Custom Wine Cellar Designed by Seattle Builders

Traditional Home Custom Wine Cellar Designed by Seattle Builders

When choosing the enclosure for your wine cellar, one way to maximize your wine display is with glass walls and doors. Luxury glass wine cellars are increasing in demand, not only among owners of residential properties and commercial establishments, but also among interior designers, builders, and contractors in Seattle.

Glass Custom Wine Cellars: Why it is Becoming More Popular Among Wine Collectors in Seattle

Whether you are building a custom wine cellar for your home or commercial establishment in Seattle, it is a smart idea to consult with an experienced and knowledgeable designer. This crucial step will ensure that your requirements for functionality and aesthetic appeal are met.

Glass is a significant component in building contemporary wine storage and displays. Custom Wine Cellars Seattle has installed several wine rooms with glass enclosures. We work with master builders to complete the projects.

Benefits of a Well-Built Glass Custom Wine Cellar in Seattle Homes

Seamless Glass Wine Cellar Door Provides a Clear View of the Wine Display in an Seattle Home

Seamless Glass Wine Cellar Door Provides a Clear View of the Wine Display in a Seattle Home

Many people are leaning towards contemporary style interior design. Custom Wine Cellars Seattle has received many calls from homeowners in Seattle asking us about glass wine cellars. They wanted to know if this type of wine cellar would benefit them.

Provides an Elegant Place for Entertaining Friends

For residential owners, a glass wine cellar provides a luxurious place for entertaining guests and hosting wine-tasting events. Imagine your glass-enclosed custom wine cellar set at the center of your dining room or in your living area.

It can be a conversation starter and will enhance the experience of your family and guests. Glass wine cellars offer a timeless appeal and can match the existing theme of your home.

Enhances Your Home’s Visual Appeal and Value

Moreover, the addition of a wine room will add value to your home. When you decide to sell your home in the future, your sales agent will mention this unique feature, which will help entice customers to buy your property.

If space is not a problem, we recommend that you opt for an aquarium-like custom wine cellar, where all of its walls and doors are made of seamless glass. It will turn any space into a beautiful wine room.

Why Choose a Glass Custom Wine Cellar for Your Commercial Establishment

Glass Commercial Wine Cellar in a Restaurant in Seattle

Glass Commercial Wine Cellar in a Restaurant in Seattle

Adding a glass custom wine cellar in your bar, hotel, restaurant, or retail store in Seattle offers a bunch of benefits. First, having a sleek wine storage and display area for your products has a significant impact on your sales generation.

Creates an Attractive Wine Presentation in Your Commercial Wine Cellar in Seattle

Keep in mind that an attractive and organized presentation of your wines for sale will entice potential customers and may result in a purchase. Custom Wine Cellars Seattle has been helping business owners increase their profits by creating beautiful and functional wine rooms.

If you seek our help in building your glass custom wine cellar in Seattle, you will never regret it. A professionally designed glass custom wine cellar will attract the attention of wine lovers in Seattle.

We will sit and discuss with you all of your goals and needs to help us determine the best wine storage system for your business. If you have existing wine storage shelves and want to invest in a glass custom wine cellar, our creative team will modify it according to your requirements.

Provides a Better Organization of Your Products

Displaying your wines in cardboard boxes or mediocre racking will not improve your business sales revenue. Poor organization of your wines in your store will not encourage clients to enter your establishment and view your wines. However, if they see that the bottles are displayed in an organized manner, there will be a higher chance that they will buy a bottle or more from your store.

How an Expert in Seattle Constructs Glass Custom Wine Cellars and Useful Tips to Keep in Mind

Elegant Glass Wine Cellar Seattle

Elegant Glass Wine Cellar Seattle

A knowledgeable builder like Custom Wine Cellars Seattle understands that there are technical and structural requirements when dealing with glass components in construction. Glass affects the cooling efficiency of the refrigeration system. Therefore, it is crucial that you work with an expert in your construction project to keep your wine room and its components in their best condition.

Dual Paned, Tempered, and Thermally Insulated Glass Panels for a Safe Custom Wine Cellar in Seattle

The thickness of the glass should be ½” and should be dual-paned. In making dual-paned glass, we attach two panes of glass. When sealing them, we leave a thin sealed-in space in between the glass, which will prevent the formation of condensation on the glass itself or around the edges.

Moreover, the glass panels for your wine cellar should be thermally insulated. Below are the benefits of glass insulation:

  • Reduction of heat transfer
  • Prevents UV light exposure of your prized wines
  • Allows your wine cellar refrigeration system to run efficiently, preventing breakdowns
  • Prevents high energy consumption

The absence of or a lack of insulation will force your wine cooling unit to exert more force to achieve a specific temperature in your glass custom wine cellar in Seattle. Your equipment will break down or worse, have to be replaced. It means that improper construction of your glass custom wine cellar will not only deteriorate your wines but will also result in a costly expense.

Sealing Components for the Wine Cellar Doors

Custom Glass Wine Cellar Seattle

Custom Glass Wine Cellar Seattle

At Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, we always equip every door with sealing components. For glass doors, we use a polycarbonate vinyl seal to keep the humidity levels at an ideal range (60-70 percent). Keeping an airtight seal will keep the cold air in the wine room and prevent the warm air from interfering with the cooling efficiency of your wine cellar refrigeration units.

Glass Custom Wine Cellar Designed by a Seattle Builder: Is This the Right Choice for You?

If you choose a glass custom wine cellar, you will appreciate the benefits it offers. As long as you work with an experienced builder in Seattle, you will enjoy hassle-free wine collecting.

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