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IronWine Cellars – A Modern Take on Traditional Wine Racking

A cellar is a wine aficionado’s Shangri-La. It should be a safe and beautiful place to store one’s valuable wine collection. If you’re considering installing a wine cellar in your home or business, you’ll want to make sure that your storage is built from the best materials by trusted master builders.

Every single detail is important. The racking systems, for example, should be well-engineered in both material and design. Ironwine wine racks are among the most durable and aesthetically superior racking systems, and we’re proud to offer them to our Seattle customers.

What is the Purpose of a Wine Racking System?

A racking system is where wine bottles rest. It needs to be durable in order to keep wines safe. To create robust wine racks, quality materials are needed. Whether the racking system is built from wood or metal, it needs to be designed tastefully. After all, that is where you keep and display your prized wine bottles. You want a solution that protects your collection while displaying it in an attractive manner.

Ironwine Cellars – A Leading Manufacturer of Dependable Wine Racks in Seattle, Washington State

Ironwine Cellars is a leading manufacturer of wine racking and other materials for your wine cellar. With over 14 years of practice, Ironwine has gathered a wide range of experience in building wine cellars, wine-tasting rooms, and wine-cooling cabinetry for homes and business establishments. Custom Wine Cellars Seattle has always trusted Ironwine Cellars as our partner in creating effective wine storage spaces.

Ironwine wine racks are built from premium-grade materials. Their wooden wine racks are manufactured from select wood species that are highly resistant to moisture and mildew, which makes them perfect for climate-controlled storage structures. Their metal racks are built from commercial-grade steel, which is made to last. Ironwine Cellars also manufactures beautiful wrought iron traditional wine racks.

Besides durable materials, Ironwine Cellars is also known for its beautiful wine rack designs. They have a catalog that contains a wide variety of wine-racking designs, which range from traditional to contemporary. Classic Cellars is well-versed in Ironwine products and can help you find the right racks for your cellar.

Wooden Ironwine Wine Racks

Ironwine uses the best wood species for creating wooden racking systems. You can choose from Malaysian Mahogany, Premium Redwood, and Pine. These three wood species are among the most popular materials used for climate-controlled storage systems. The wood from these trees is durable and can withstand highly humid conditions. Moreover, these wood types look gorgeous with or without the application of stains and finishes.

Ironwine Cellars Metal Racks

Metal wine racks are a popular choice for modern wine cellars. Ironwine builds metal racking systems from commercial-grade steel. Their forward-label designs are among the favorite features of their metal racks because they help the clients find their favorite bottles more conveniently. Ironwine Cellars also offers a variety of finishes for their metal wine rack collection.

Wrought Iron Racking Systems from Ironwine Cellars

Ironwine also offers wine racks built from wrought iron. This type of wine-racking system is an awesome choice for traditional-style cellars. We have a team who are experts in shaping the iron into various designs, such as vines, leaves, and grapes.

Professional Working Process of Ironwine Cellars

Through the years, we have developed an effective process of working with our clients. This process has helped us gain our reputation of consistently being able to provide our customers with excellent service.

We meet with our clients and discuss ideas

When a client contacts us and hires our team, we set a meeting with them. Our design specialists meet with the client and discuss their wine cellar ideas with them. Among the things discussed are the storage requirements, which include the estimated number of bottles to be stored, the climate in the area, and the size of the space where the cellar will be built.

We cover design preferences and start looking at options

Furthermore, we ask them for their specific design preferences. In most cases, clients already have a design or style in mind. If a client does not yet have a design in mind, we present them with options. Ironwine Cellars has a catalog of wine cellar designs that range from traditional to modern styles. We gather all the necessary details that the client wants for the storage facility, including what type of racking systems, the kinds of lighting fixtures to be installed, the design of the wine cellar door, and material to be used for flooring, and more.

We begin your custom design

When all necessary information has been gathered, our team of designers then creates a sketch of the wine cellar. These drawings will be presented to the client for approval. If the client requests changes or revisions, our team will do so accordingly and present a revised sketch. As soon as the client approves a design, our team will assemble a blueprint of the wine cellar construction plan. We will gather all the materials needed, and the construction will commence.

Is wine cellar furniture from IronWine the right choice for you?

Custom Wine Cellars Seattle is among the most trusted master builders of wine storage solutions in Seattle, Washington State. We have worked with many of the best contractors and experts in the industry. Ironwine wine racks are among the best types of racking systems in the US, and that’s why we highly recommend these to our clients. If you want to learn more about wine design and construction, or if you plan to have a wine cellar built, contact us today! Fill out the form at the top of the page or call +1 (206) 792-9912!