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An Seattle Expert Shares Tips on How to Build a Wine Cellar Under the Stairs

Under Stair Wine Cellars – Check out the diverse range of styles for utilizing uninteresting spaces under the stairwell

Are you a wine lover who wants to have a climate-controlled wine cellar in your home but not sure if you have the space?

Custom Wine Cellars Seattle can help you!

With many years of experience in wine room design and construction, we have installed different styles of wine cellars.

In this article, we will provide tips on how to build a wine cellar under the stairs.  

Wine Cellar Under the Stairs: How a Professional in Seattle Designs and Builds Them    

If you are thinking about starting a wine room construction in your home, you are in the right place! You can transform even a small space into a unique custom wine cellar. Custom Wine Cellars Seattle will provide you with tips on how to build a wine cellar under the stairs, including the crucial considerations and technical requirements needed to ensure that the finished product is both stylish and functional.  

We want you to be proud of your wine display area located under your staircase. Our team follows the crucial steps needed to achieve our goals and prove our expertise, reliability, and superior performance.  

Identify Your Main Purpose for Building a Wine Cellar Under the Stairs 

When you choose to work with us, we will sit down and discuss with you, not only your needs and requirements but also your purpose for building a wine cellar under the stairs. Some homeowners want to invest in a wine room for long-term storage and provide their wines in a safe place during their maturation period. Others want to create a gorgeous wine cellar to impress guests and enhance the aesthetic value of their property.                                              

Whatever may be your reason for building a wine cellar under the stairs, we have to know the answer to the following questions: “How many and what sizes of bottles do you intend to collect?” The information we gather will help us determine the size of the wine cellar that will be built under the stairs in your home.    

Know the Size of the Wine Cellar That You Want to Build Under the Stairs 

Original Room Under the Stairs Before the Wine Cellar Installation

Original Room Under the Stairs Before the Wine Cellar Installation

The number of bottles that you are planning to collect is a significant factor in determining the size of your wine cellar. If you intend to have a few bottles in your collection and do not mind your wine room being small, you can utilize the space under your stairs.   

Knowing the size of your wine cellar will also help determine the materials to use, the equipment to install, and the estimated costs for the construction. During the on-site visit, our team will assess your space and explain the possible options. We will also provide recommendations and explain the pros and cons of each.  

Frame Your Wine Cellar Correctly  

All the walls in your wine cellar should be framed. The standard studs measure 2×4 inches or 2×6 inches. Choose a thicker depth for your walls to achieve better insulation. After the framing is completed, we will rough in the plumbing and electrical work.   

Choose Your Materials for Your Climate-Controlled Wine Cellar Under the Stairs  

For your walls and ceiling, we recommend drywall that is moisture-resistant. Greenboard is the most common and affordable option, but you still have to paint it with moisture-resistant paint.     

For the flooring, bricks, and stonework are widely used in building wine cellars under the stairs. If you want to add an eco-friendly feature to your wine room, you may opt for wine barrel flooring, which is made from reclaimed wine barrels.  

Create a Stable Wine Cellar Environment 

Creating the ideal storage conditions in your wine cellar under the stairs requires the help of a knowledgeable refrigeration expert. At Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, we always make sure that the temperature in our client’s wine cellar is between 55 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity level ranges from 60 to 70 percent. There are many ways to prevent temperature fluctuations and varying humidity levels.     

Use an Efficient Type of Insulating Material     

Under the Stairs Wine Cellar Insulation Should Be Done by an Expert Wine Cellar Installer

Under the Stairs Wine Cellar Insulation Should Be Done by an Expert Wine Cellar Installer

Before installing the components in your wine cellar, we have to create a tight seal to prevent air leakage. With this goal in mind, Custom Wine Cellars Austin has extensive knowledge of wine room insulation.  

We have been using closed-cell spray foam wine cellar insulation because of its proven reliability in sealing wine cellars under the stairs. It expands to fill all the cracks and gaps, including the small ones, in the walls and ceiling. It is cost-savvy because it can act both as an insulator and a vapor barrier. We will consider the amount of glass in your wine cellar when determining the amount of insulation for your wine cellar.  

Install a Reliable Wine Cellar Cooling System That Suits Your Requirements   

Wine cellar cooling systems are designed to create the optimum conditions essential for wine aging. When building wine cellars under the stairs, we perform a heat load calculation to help us determine the type, size, and capacity of your wine refrigeration system.          

We utilize wine cooling units designed for maximum cooling efficiency. We have been using the products manufactured by Wine Guardian, WhisperKOOL, US Cellar Systems, and CellarPro. All of their wine refrigeration systems are made from high-grade components to provide superior performance. 

Choose Your Wine Cellar Door 

Custom Wine Cellar Under Stairs Installed an Elegant Door

A Custom Wine Cellar Under Stairs Installed with an Elegant Door

Your wine cellar door must be both visually appealing and able to perform its primary function which is to seal your refrigerated wine cellar under the stairs. Since your wine cellar is equipped with a climate-control system, your door must be exterior grade to withstand the humidity in your wine room.  

Moreover, we also equip all the edges of our doors with weather stripping to prevent air leakage. The automatic door bottom will also help minimize the warm air from interfering with the wine cellar cooling process in your wine cellar.   

Build a Wine Cellar Under the Stairs with the Help of the Best Builder in Seattle 

We transform spaces under the stairs into a wine cellar designed to increase the aesthetic value of your home and keep your collection safe. Work with the best wine cellar builder in Seattle and be amazed by the transformation of your space!  

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