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Let Our Experts Create an Exceptional Residential Wine Cellar Design for You

Elegant Custom Residential Wine Cellar Design

Elegant Custom Residential Wine Cellar Design

You will have peace of mind and safeguard your collection when you work with an expert in residential wine cellar designCustom Wine Cellars Seattle, one of the top-notch designers and builders of refrigerated wine rooms, offers innovative wine storage solutions for homeowners who want to have a beautiful and functional wine display for their collectionLearn how our creative team incorporates elegant features into our client’s wine room design.    

How Do We Create a Stunning Residential Wine Cellar Design for You? 

If you plan to build a wine room in your home, you have to make sure that everything is in place and all of your requirements are met. Your residential wine cellar design plays a crucial role in achieving the look that you desire for your wine display area. Let Custom Wine Cellars Seattle create a residential wine cellar design that will allow you to show off your collection to your guests.  

We have been providing innovative wine storage solutions to wine enthusiasts who want to create an aesthetically appealing wine storage room for their prized collection.  

What are the Qualities that Make Ua Reliable Residential Wine Cellar Designer and Builder?  

Custom Wine Cellars Seattle is Seattle’s premier builder for custom private wine cellars. We know the significant impact of proper planning in creating the perfect design for every project. We specialize in creating safe, secure, and beautiful wine storage facilities.  

As an experienced building company, we follow these procedures to ensure high-quality design and construction: 

  • We conduct a careful assessment before creating a residential wine cellar design.  
  • We note every detail to ensure that all of our client’s aesthetic and functional requirements are met. 
  • We offer economical solutions without compromising quality. 
  • We use high-grade materials and components to ensure that your wine cellar will work efficiently.  
  • We will recommend stylish and eco-friendly features that will enhance the beauty of your wine room.  

Wine Rack Design: Factors to Consider and Available Options   

After conducting an on-site visit, we will assess your needs and create a 3-dimensional design, including the different elevation views, racking styles, dimensions, and bottle capacities. We will send the WAD images to you, and after that, we will send you the design for your approval. We can make changes according to your requirements. Once approved, we will proceed with the construction process.    

The racking system is the primary component to consider in a residential wine cellar design. Custom Wine Cellars Seattle offers kits and custom wine racks made from durable materials like Mahogany, Redwood, Knotty Alder, and Pine. Wood adds a warm ambiance to wine cellars, and its timeless beauty cannot be underestimated.     

Metal, on the other hand, creates a contemporary feel. Our metal wine racks are made from stainless steel, and they are the best option if you want a contemporary residential wine cellar design. We also offer different stain options to match the existing décor of your home. You may choose to combine wood and metal wine racks to create a transitional-style wine cellar in your home.  

Kit Wine Racks for Budget-Savvy Wine Collectors 

Kit wine racks are ready-made wine storage racks, and they are more affordable than custom racking. They are available in various sizes and styles, allowing you to mix and match them to suit your needs.   

Kit Wine Racks Offered by Wine Cellar Specialists

Kit Wine Racks Offered by Wine Cellar Specialists

Custom Wine Racks  

Custom Home-Wine-Cellar Design

Custom Home-Wine-Cellar Design

Custom wine racks are perfect for odd-shaped wine rooms and those who want to have a personalized residential wine cellar design. Customizing your racking is a bit more expensive than kit wine racks.  

However, the dimensions of your custom wine racks will be based on the size and shape of your wine room. If you have a narrow or irregular-shaped wine cellar, you will need custom-fit wine racks.  

Moreover, it will allow you to incorporate features that will enhance the beauty of your wine display and storage area. You may add a tasting bar, cigar humidor, drawers, cabinets, or any feature that you want to make your wine cellar unique and more functional  

We have elegant designs for our wood custom wine racks. These include a waterfall display, a quarter-round display, diamond bins (solid and lattice), rectangular bins, X-cube bins, a high-reveal display, an arch with a tabletop, magnum racks, and a lot more.    

For our metal wine racks, we have freestanding, wall-mounted, and floor-to-ceiling racking systems. One of our long-time suppliers of metal wine storage systems is VintageView. Their wine racks are durable and designed for creating modern wine rooms.   

Custom Wine Cellar Doors 

Custom Wine Cellar Door, Wine Barrel Racks, and Wine Barrel Flooring

Custom Wine Cellar Door, Wine Barrel Racks, and Wine Barrel Flooring

The entryway to your wine cellar should be classy and stylish and should reflect your personality. We are experts at taking our clients’ ideas and turning them into reality. Our pre-hung doors are available in solid wood, seamless glass, wooden frame with glass, and wood with wrought iron and glass.  

When you opt for a custom wine cellar door, you may add any carved design on the wood, have the glass panel painted or etched, or any custom feature that you want for your door.   

Eco-Friendly Features for an Exceptional Residential Wine Cellar Design  

Upcycling and recycling materials is a very popular way to add a stylish and unique feel to your wine cellar. One way to do that is to use wine barrels in the construction of the wine cellar flooring, or even walls and ceilingsInstead of throwing the used wine barrels into landfills, we reuse them to create environment-friendly products that can add aesthetic value to wine cellars.   

We offer the following products from reclaimed wine barrels: 

  • Wine barrel racks 
  • Wine barrel art  
  • Wine barrel flooring 
  • Wine barrel tabletops 

Let Us Create a Unique Residential wine Cellar Design for You 

Work with Custom Wine Cellars Seattle in building a stylish wine room for your collection. Our team will create a residential wine cellar design that will reflect your personality and add aesthetic value to your home. You may reach us at  +1 (206) 792-9912