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What You Must Know About Wine Cellar Refrigeration and Tips from Experts in Seattle

Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Installation Project by Seattle Master Builders

Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Installation Project by Seattle Master Builders

Cooling a wine cellar requires technical skills and knowledge to do it correctly. When installing a wine cooling system, you must seek the help of an HVAC specialist like Custom Wine Cellars Seattle. For us, it is crucial that we construct your wine room and install a reliable wine cellar refrigeration unit the right way.     

Wine Cellar Refrigeration: How Will You Benefit When You Work with an Expert in Seattle 

Building a climate-controlled wine cellar must be done by a knowledgeable company to ensure that the room is prepared correctly. Moreover, an expert will determine the type, brand, model, and size of the wine cooling system for your project and install it the right way. Custom Wine Cellars Seattle has been constructing wine rooms and providing cooling solutions for residential and commercial applications for many years 

With extensive experience in building wine cellars, we will create a wine room designed to preserve your collection safely for many years to come. 

Essential Steps Before the Installation of the Wine Cellar Refrigeration System in Seattle 

If you want to protect your investment, you have to hire a wine cellar expert who understands proper wine storage and has extensive experience in installing a wine cellar refrigeration system. We take the necessary steps to help us complete the project with excellence, exceeding the expectations of our clients.   

Assessment of Your Needs  

Making a careful assessment of the client’s needs is a standard procedure followed by professional wine cellar designers and builders. Custom Wine Cellars Seattle follows this procedure because it is crucial in determining the most suitable components needed for your wine room.       

After gathering all the necessary information about your requirements, we will start creating the design for your wine cellar. The free design package consists of 3-dimensional drawings that show the room’s dimensionsracking styles and features that you want to incorporate into the design. It includes the placement of your wine cellar refrigeration system within the racking or in an area in the wine room. 

We will submit the WAD images and wait for your approval. Once you have told us that it is good to go, we will start the construction of your dream wine cellar in Seattle. 

Wine Room Preparation: Framing and Insulating   

Wine cellar Insulation Seattle designers and installers

Wine Cellar Insulation by Seattle Designers and Installers

Installing all of the components of your wine cellar correctly will ensure that it will perform its functions efficiently. Before doing that, Custom Wine Cellars Seattle will frame your wine room.  

Then, we will prepare it for refrigeration by creating an airtight seal. Wine room insulation is a crucial aspect of wine cellar construction, where a climate control system will be installed.  

Why Wine Cellar Insulation is a Must 

Poor insulation will result in unstable humidity levelscausing mold to grow inside your wine cellar, on the wine labels, and cork. Mold will not only contaminate your wine; it will also affect its quality.  

Moreover, inadequate insulation or a lack of insulation will interfere with the cooling efficiency of your wine cellar refrigeration system in Seattle. It will force your wine cooling unit to work harder than it should to achieve the ideal conditions in your wine room, which will eventually break down your equipment.  

We do not want you to spend a hefty amount of money for the repair or replacement of your wine cooling unit. Therefore, we always create an airtight seal before installing any equipment.   

We use polyurethane closed-cell foam insulation because it is cost-effective and efficient. It can act as both an insulator and a vapor barrier.    

Installing the Wine Cellar Refrigeration Chosen by Seattle HVAC Experts   

After the insulation process, Custom Wine Cellars Seattle will install the wine cellar refrigeration unit that suits the size and location of your wine room. We offer different types of wine cooling systems. 

We have units designed for mounting on the wall, ceiling, or racking. We also have wine-cooling products for installations where ductwork is required. Whether you have a small, average, or large wine cellar, we have the perfect wine refrigeration system that will suit your requirements. 

What You Must Know About the Most Common Wine Cellar Refrigeration Problem and How an Expert in Seattle Can Help  

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Leak Repair Seattle

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Leak Repair by Seattle HVAC Experts

The most common wine cellar refrigeration problem faced by residential and commercial wine cellar owners in Seattle is a refrigerant leak. What is the value of adding a refrigerant or Freon? Without it, your wine refrigeration unit will not cool your wine cellar. If there is leakage, your equipment will not function properly, causing wine storage issues. It is a smart idea to check the condition of your wine cellar refrigeration system always.   

Finding out about the problem at an early stage will prevent serious damage to your wines and cooling equipment. Keep in mind that failure to identify and solve the problem earlier will decrease the lifespan of your wine cooling unit and cause wine spoilage.  To prevent wine storage issues from wasting your investment, you must hire an HVAC expert like Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, who will help diagnose and fix the problem immediately. 

How to Detect Freon Leaks 

Our HVAC specialists have extensive knowledge in wine cellar refrigeration repair and are passionate about helping clients with preserving the quality of their favorite wines. When detecting a Freon leak, we use the following methods: 

  • Freon Electronic Leak Detection Method 
  • Ultraviolet Light Method  
  • Bubble Leak Method   

The most common and widely used method in locating a leak in a wine cellar cooling unit is the UV Light Leak Detection method. It is also known as the Spectronic Method, which is known to be the most precise of all the other options.  

A liquid tracer, a type of dye that is detectable by UV light, will be injected into your wine cellar refrigeration unit by one of our experts in Seattle. After allowing it to circulate for about one month, it will drain out of the equipment with the refrigerant. Our specialist will use a UV inspection lamp to scan for the UV dye, which can be easily located because it glows. 

What is the Wine Cellar Refrigeration Solution That Prevents the Breakdowns and Leak Problems of Your Equipment?   

Work with Wine Cellar Refrigeration Specialists

Work with Wine Cellar Refrigeration Specialists

Our team is composed of HVAC experts with extensive experience providing full wine cellar refrigeration services. Keeping stable wine storage conditions is a crucial aspect of wine room construction. The best thing to do is to hire an HVAC specialist. At Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, we work with members of the Wine Cellar Designer Group to meet the wine cellar cooling needs of our clients. We offer a regular maintenance plan to keep your equipment in its best condition.  

Do you have questions about wine cellar refrigeration or need help in choosing the type and brand of cooling unit for your space? Do not hesitate to contact us at +1 (206) 792-9912.