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Homeowners Built Their Dream Custom Wine Cellar with the Help of a Reliable Designer and Installer in Seattle

Completed Residential Custom Wine Cellar by Seattle Expert Designers and Installers

Completed Residential Custom Wine Cellar by Seattle Expert Designers and Installers

If you are a serious wine collector who wants to invest in a functional wine cellar but is on a tight budget and does not have a large space, we are here to help you! At Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, we collaborate with wine cellar designers and contractors in converting small spaces into wine storage rooms without breaking the bank. One of our partners in the industry is Coastal Custom Wine Cellars. The Kapur family sought their help in transforming a tiny storage room into a sophisticated wine cellar.  

Space Constraints Did Not Stop the Expert Designers from Building an Elegant Custom Wine Cellar in a Seattle Home   

Space constraints should not hinder you from building your dream custom wine cellar in Seattle. A family of wine lovers wanted to utilize their tiny storage space and transform it into a functional custom wine cellar.  

The room is 53 inches wide and 152 inches deep. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, one of the top-notch wine cellar designers in Seattle, was able to create a traditional wine rack system with stylish bottle configurations using their creativity. They also made sure that the wine room could achieve the optimum environment required for proper wine storage and that they would not go beyond the client’s budget.     

Custom Wine Rack Design with Flair  

Seattle Custom Wine Cellar Design Rendering

Seattle Custom Wine Cellar Design Rendering

Custom Wine Cellar Design Created by Seattle Experts

Custom Wine Cellar Design Created by Seattle Experts

At Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, they always use their expertise in building residential and commercial wine cellars in Seattle. They considered the following factors in determining the racking styles to be incorporated into the design:  

  • the number of bottles you intend to collect and store 
  • the size of your wine room  
  • the existing décor of your home, commercial store, or dining establishment 
  • Your aesthetic preference  
  • The mood that you want to achieve in your custom wine cellar  
  • Your budget 

Their team placed the custom wine racks on the left and back walls to leave an ample amount of space to move inside the wine cellar. Considering all the factors mentioned above, they came up with a simple yet elegant design. They incorporated stylish bottle configurations to maximize the small space without compromising the aesthetic appeal. 


Diamond Bins: Why Wine Cellar Designers in Seattle Incorporate Them in Custom Wine Racks 

TRaditional Home Wine Cellar by Expert Seattle Designers and Installers

Traditional Home Wine Cellar with Custom Wine Racks Completed by Expert Designers and Installers in Seattle

At the bottom section of the custom wine racks on the left wall, they installed diamond bins, which are recommended for small spaces because they store the wines in bulk. Odd-shaped and large format bottles can fit in the diamond bins. The bottles are stored on top of one another.   

The Kapurs chose to use 1-inch x 2-inch slats of wood to create a lattice design for the diamond bins. This idea was more economical compared to using solid wood. Moreover, the lattice design also allows the proper circulation of air in and around the bottles. 

A High-Reveal Display Row Was Added to Highlight the Kapur Family’s Favorite Vintages: A Favorite Choice of Wine Cellar Designers  and Installers in Seattle 

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars added a high-reveal display row that runs in the middle of the racking. This feature allowed the clients to display some of their favorite wines. The bottles are stored at a 15-degree angle to keep the cork moist. 

Keep in mind that if the cork dries out, it will become brittle and decrease its size. Its sealing ability will be compromised, allowing an unwanted amount of air to mix with the wine. Oxidation will then occur, resulting in unpleasant flavors and smells. The top section consists of individual wine racks, which were intended for storing standard bottles.  

Wine Table and Stemware Rack 

To provide our clients with space for decanting and serving wine with convenience, they installed a tabletop and stemware rack on the arched back wall. Below the tabletop are single bottle storage openings. Above it is a stemware rack where the glasses can be stored and displayed upside down. The arched ceiling on the back wall provides a space for case storage.   

Premium Redwood: An In-Demand Wine Rack Material Used by Wine Cellar Designers in Seattle 

One of the benefits of working with an experienced wine cellar contractor and designer in Seattle is that you are provided with various options. At Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, we are proud to offer a wide array of wood species, stains, and finish options to provide you with design flexibility in building your wine room.  

Some of the types of wood we use in manufacturing custom wine racks in Seattle are Premium Redwood, Mahogany, Pine, and Alder. For this custom wine cellar project, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars used Premium Redwood, which was chosen by our clients.  

Aside from being a biodegradable material, Premium Redwood exhibits natural beauty even when left unfinished. Its subtle color adds elegance to the wooden wine racks installed in this custom wine cellar in Seattle. Its tone varies from pink, to red, and brown. Over time, the color of Premium Redwood becomes deeper and richer, eliminating the need to finish with a stain. Another useful characteristic of this wood species is its natural resistance to decay, which increases the durability of the wine racks.  

An Efficient Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installed by Expert Wine Cellar Designers and Refrigeration Specialists in Seattle 

Overview 3D Design Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Mounted on the Wall Seattle Project

Overview 3D Design Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Mounted on the Wall Seattle Project

The Kapur family consulted with us in choosing the right wine cellar cooling unit for their tiny wine room. After a careful assessment of their needs, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars determined that the WhisperKOOL XLT Series wine refrigeration system was the best choice.  

WhisperKOOL is known for manufacturing high-grade wine cellar cooling units. They have different models to choose from. The Coastal team used the XLT Series for this project given the small size and the availability of an exhaust room. Since it is a self-contained system, the unit was installed through the wall, and no ductwork was required. 

Learn more about WhisperKOOL wine cellar cooling systems recommended by Seattle experts for residential and commercial wine rooms.  

Make Your Small Space Functional by Transforming it Into a Custom Wine Cellar Built by Creative Designers in Seattle 

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, one of our most trusted dealers, did an excellent job in transforming a tiny space into a beautiful wine cellar. Known as a creative wine cellar designer and contractor in Seattle, they made the Kapur Family very happy with the finished product and after-sales service. 

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