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Safeguard Your Wine Collection in a Stylish Custom Wine Cellar by Hiring a Reliable Designer and Installer in Seattle

A Reliable Custom Wine Cellar Designer and Installer in Seattle is Ready to Help You

A Reliable Custom Wine Cellar Designer and Installer in Seattle is Ready to Help You

Creating the perfect environment for your wine room can be challenging for someone who lacks knowledge and expertise. Hire a company not because they offer an affordable service, but because they know and understand all the requirements in building a climate-controlled wine storage area. At Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, we have extensive knowledge, creativity, and passion for designing refrigerated wine cellars. We are a top-notch wine cellar designer and installer for many years, providing cost-effective and stylish wine storage solutions for residential and commercial applications.  

Prevent Wine Storage Problems and Costly Mistakes by Working with a Trusted Wine Cellar Designer and Installer in Seattle 

The saying “prevention is better than cure” can be applied to storing wine. If you are a serious wine collector who wants to avoid wine storage problems before it is too late, you must consult with an experienced and knowledgeable wine cellar designer and installer in Seattle, Washington State. 

You do not want to find out later that your wines are spoiling, your wine cellar cooling unit is breaking down, or you do not like the design of your wine display area because your contractor failed to do one or more of the following:  

  • did not follow the standard procedures   
  • did not make a careful assessment of your functional, aesthetic, and financial needs 
  • did not know the importance of insulation and vapor barrier 
  • did not perform the process for determining the correct size of the wine cellar refrigeration system for your custom wine cellar in Seattle 
  • did not install the wine cellar refrigeration system accordingly 
  • did not install high-grade wine racks 
  • did not use thermally insulated glass panels for your wine cellar door 
  • did not install sealing components in your wine cellar door 
  • did not use a safe wine cellar lighting system 

Keep in mind that a poorly built wine room and installing the wrong or low-grade components can cause significant problems, which eventually will result in costly expenses in the future. To prevent this from happening, you must seek the help of a reliable designer and installer in Seattle.     

Services We Offer to Make Our Clients Happy with Their Safe and Stylish Custom Wine Cellar in Seattle 

Steve Pantalemon is the Founder and Owner of Custom Wine Cellars Seattle

Steve Pantalemon is the Founder and Owner of Custom Wine Cellars Seattle

As a professional wine cellar designer and installer in Seattle, our team, led by Steve Pantalemon, is serious about providing exceptional services to our beloved clients who are looking for innovative wine storage solutions. From small wine closets to full-sized wine cellars, we have the best option for you!  

Our design consultants will determine your needs and our designers will create the wine cellar you envisioned. We always exceed our client’s expectations with our creativity and passion.   

Designing Custom Wine Cellars According to Your Vision and Our Designer’s Suggestions  

Before proceeding to the construction phase, our team will visit your site and discuss with you all of your specific requirements. We will make suggestions to improve the design of your wine cellar, but we will still respect your personal preferences. We will explain to you the pros and cons of your choices or decisions.  We consider various factors to ensure that you will be happy with the finished product! 

Overall Mood that You Want to Achieve in Your Custom Wine Cellar in Seattle 

Every wine collector has different choices when it comes to the ambiance that they want to achieve in their wine cellar. If you are a homeowner who loves to entertain guests, a custom wine cellar with a classic design is recommended. In this type of wine room, we use wooden custom wine racks and lights that will create warmth in your space.  

We also incorporate features that will add a timeless appeal to your wine room, such as stonework and wine barrel flooring. Other traditional elements that you can add are antiques, chandeliers, and vases.    

For commercial establishments like hotels, restaurants, retail stores, clubs, and lounges, going for a modern wine cellar design is ideal. We usually incorporate metal and glass elements in building minimalist wine rooms.   

Transitional-style custom wine cellars are also famous among interior designers, contractors, and builders in Seattle. Creating this type of wine cellar requires combination of traditional and modern elements.    

Location of Your Wine Cellar 

Another essential factor we consider when designing custom wine cellars in Seattle is the location of your room. In most of our projects, the theme of the wine cellar depends on where it is located.  

For example, a client wants to transform a space in their home located near the kitchen, or within the kitchen area. Ideally, we will match the material of the wine racks to the existing kitchen cabinetry. We always want your wine room to blend well with the theme of your home.  

Moreover, the location of your wine cellar also affects the type of wine cellar refrigeration unit to be used. If there is no available adjacent room thacan be used for heat exhaust, a particular type and brand of wine refrigeration system will be utilized.  

Shape of Your Wine Room 

Custom Wine Cellar with Metal Custom Wine Racks Built Under the Stairs in Seattle

Custom Wine Cellar with Metal Custom Wine Racks Built Under the Stairs in Seattle

The style and size of your custom wine racks will significantly depend on the shape of your custom wine cellar in Seattle. We have worked with rooms of various shapes. Odd-shaped spaces such as under the stairs are a bit challenging to deal with, but we have the tools and skills to meet our client’s unique needs.  

See an example of a custom wine cellar we built under the stairs of a luxurious home in Seattle 

In this wine cellar installation project, we had to manufacture custom wine racks that would fit the sloping ceiling. We also had to make sure that the racking system would maximize the capacity of the tiny wine room.  


We will also assess your financial requirements, so we will know how much you are willing to spend for your wine racks, door, wine cellar cooling unitlighting, and accessories. This process will help us plan your project well and use resources that suit your needs. We have a wine storage solution for every budget.      

Products and Services Offered by a Reliable Custom Wine Cellar Designer and Installer in Seattle, Washington State   

Custom Wine-Cellars Seattle Washington State Custom Wine-Racks 3D Drawing

Custom Wine-Cellars Seattle Washington State Custom Wine-Racks 3D Drawing

When you choose to work with us, you will be allowed to fill out our Design Request Form, which contains the necessary information about your wine cellar project. We will schedule a call with our design consultant to discuss your options and preferences. 

Your design will include the following:  

  • Free Consultation  
  • Free Design Package (3D Drawings, Plan Views, and Elevations) 
  • Total Bottle Capacity 
  • Video/Audio Tour of Your Custom Wine Cellar Design  
  • Proposals for: 

               –Wine Rack Styles and Materials 

               –Wine Cellar Refrigeration System 

               –Wine Cellar Door 

               –Wine Cellar Flooring 

  • Wine Cellar Construction Guidelines 
  • Samples of Wood, Stains, and Finishes (upon request) 

Work with a Premiere Wine Cellar Designer and Installer in Seattle 

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