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Bring Your Custom Wine Cellar in Seattle to the Next Level by Incorporating Decorative Features Into the Design

Stylish Custom Wine Cellar in Seattle

Custom Wine Cellar Designed by Seattle Master Builders and Contractors with Decorative Features

One of the most important considerations when building custom wine cellars is aesthetics. Keep in mind that working with a creative wine cellar designer and contractor will help enhance the visual appeal of your wine room. At Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, our team’s artistic designers and contractors will bring your wine room to the next level! 

Luxurious Design Features for Custom Wine Cellars in Seattle  

Climate-controlled wine cellars are not only intended for storing wines in an ideal environment until they are ready to be consumed. They are also created to meet the aesthetic preferences of the owners. A tastefully designed custom wine cellar in Seattle will benefit residential and commercial wine cellars in many ways.     

At Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, one of our goals is to make our clients proud of their wine display and storage area. To achieve this goal, we have to consider many factors. 

  • The existing theme of your home 
  • The features that you want in your wine racks  
  • The overall appeal that you desire for your wine room 
  • The size and shape of your wine cellar 
  • The number of bottles you intend to store  
  • Your budget 

When you work with us, you can be sure that all of your requirements are met. We will visit your site and discuss your requirements. After gathering all of the relevant information, we will proceed to the assessment stage where we evaluate your needs.  

Let us know if you want to add unique features that will make your wine cellar stand out from the rest. We will make suggestions, but will still follow what you want as long as it will not result in technical or legal issues. We will incorporate the art elements to come up with a custom wine cellar design that reflects your personality and creates the mood that you want for your wine room.   

Attractive Custom Wine Rack Design Can Make a Statement in Your Wine Cellar in Seattle   

Custom Wine Cellar Racks for an Seattle Home

Attractive Custom Wine Racks Designed for a Home in Seattle

Before the construction begins, you must be able to decide whether you want readily built or custom wine racks in Seattle and what material (wood, metal, or a combination of these materials) you wish to utilize.  

Attractive Pre-Made Wooden Wine Racks 

Custom Wine Cellars Seattle offers ready-made or kit wine racks, which are available in various sizes and styles. We have waterfall wine racks made of wood that will display your bottles in a cascading manner and can be the focal point in your wine room. We also have elegant tabletops with stemware racks and diamond bins.   

View more styles of wooden kit wine racks 

On the other hand, if you want your wine racks to fit your unique needs, we recommend that you go for custom wine racks. This option allows you to design your racking system and add features that will impress your guests. You can decide on the material, capacity, bottle orientation, depth, and size of your wine racks.  

Elegant Metal Wine Racks for Contemporary Custom Wine Cellars in Seattle  

Another way to add character to your custom wine cellar in Seattle is by installing wine racks manufactured by VintageView, a reliable provider of beautiful and functional metal wine storage systems.     

Their freestanding, wall-mounted, and floor-to-ceiling metal wine racks exude elegance. You can customize them to create the perfect wine display and storage area in your home, wine store, bar, hotel, or restaurant.  

You can choose among these available finish options for your wine racks: Copper, Black Pearl, Brass, Rustic Red, Chrome, and Antique BrownMoreover, you can also choose the depth (single, double, triple) of your wine racks to maximize the capacity of your wine cellar in Seattle.  

In a commercial setting, tastefully designed metal wine racks will entice customers to purchase your wines. Keep in mind that proper presentation of your products can help boost your wine business.        

Wine Cellar Murals for Your Walls or Ceiling 

A Wine Cellar Mural Installed in a Wine Room in Seattle

A Wine Cellar Mural Adds a Decorative Touch to this Wine Room in Seattle

Are you thinking of adding art pieces or a lovely backdrop to your custom wine cellar in Seattle? We have readily made murals available in various designs that will create a unique ambiance.  The most common mural designs are grapevines, wine glasses, vineyard scenery, wine bottles, and wine barrels.  

If you want to unleash your creativity, you can design your wine cellar mural based on your imagination. An artist will come over to your residential or commercial custom wine cellar to hand-paint your design onto the wall or ceiling.    

If you do not have a design in mind, one of our experts in Seattle will create a stylish mural that will enhance the beauty of your wine cellarThe different types of murals are marble tile, canvas, and natural stone.  

A Custom Wine Cellar Door Designed by a Master Builder in Seattle Will Add Aesthetic Value to Your Wine Room in Seattle 

The first thing that your guests see in your wine cellar is the door. You must hire a company that manufactures sophisticated wine cellar doors. At Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, we want the doors of our clients to blend well with the existing decor of their space and reflect their personality.  

Solid wooden doors are the most common style of entryways in traditional wine cellars. They are still a favorite of many wine collectors. However, wine cellar doors made of glass and wrought iron are more in demand in the construction industry. 

Glass Wine Cellar Doors 

Wrought Iron and Glass Custom Wine Cellar Door Seattle Project

Wrought Iron and Glass Custom Wine Cellar Door Designed by a Seattle Designer and Contractor

Whether you are planning to build a custom wine cellar for your home or business in Seattle, a glass door is highly recommended. It allows your guests or customers to have a clear view of your wine collection from outside your wine cellar.    

Wrought Iron Doors 

Wrought-iron wine cellar doors are increasing in popularity in the design and construction industry. They add a vintage touch to any space. Hand-forged wrought iron doors consist of a wooden frame and thermally insulated glass panes to help create an airtight seal within your custom wine cellar in Seattle. 

Work with a Creative Custom Wine Cellar Designer and Installer in Seattle to Build Your Luxurious Wine Room  

Customizing your wine cellar design will allow you to add unique features that will impress guests and add aesthetic value to your wine room. If you need the help of a wine cellar designer or contractor in your Seattle wine cellar project, contact us today at +1 (206) 792-9912