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Racking Solutions

Avoid Choosing the Wrong Racking. Work with a Trusted Designer and Manufacturer of High- Quality and Elegant Custom Wine Racks in Seattle

Customized Wine Rack Design Created by an Seattle Builder for a Residential Property

Custom Wine Racks Made by a Seattle Wine Cellar Designer for a Residential Property

The quality and style of your wine racks are essential components of a wine storage system. At Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, we will cater to the unique requirements of each client. We work with passion and use our experience and creativity to provide innovative wine rack solutions for residential and commercial applications. 

Exceptional Wine Rack Systems Offered by a Trusted Builder in Seattle 

You will regret it if you find out that your wine racks did not meet your expectations. It is best to hire a builder who has extensive knowledge and experience in designing and manufacturing high-quality wine rack systems. At Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, we go through the assessment process, which helps us determine the ideal style of wine racks that suit your requirements.    

Before the construction begins, we will schedule an on-site visit so we can check the location and size of the room that you want to transform into a wine cellar. We will also sit down and discuss your desires and needs for your wine cellar. 

During this stage, you must let us know your aesthetic and functional requirements. We will ask you the following questions so we can gather useful information that will help us in designing your wine rack system according to your specific needs.   

  • What ambiance do you want in your wine cellar? 
  • How many bottles do you intend to collect? 
  • Do you have large format bottles in your collection? 
  • Are you going to entertain friends or host tasting parties in your wine room? 
  • What is your budget? 

Wood and metal are the most common materials used in manufacturing pre-made and custom wine racks. You may opt to combine these two materials to create a unique wine storage and display area in your home, bar, hotel, store, or restaurant. 

Check out our gallery of custom wine cellars, installed with elegant wine racks designed by Custom Wine Cellars Seattle.   

Wood Wine Racks: Why Choose Them 

Redwood Wine Racks Manufactured by an Seattle Master Builder

Redwood Custom Wine Racks Manufactured by a Seattle Designer and Builder

Do you want your custom wine cellar to look more traditional and create a warm ambiance? If yes, we recommend the wooden wine racks. Wood has a classic appeal and adds warmth to a space.  

Another reason wood is widely used in wine cellar construction is because it is available in various types. At Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, we have wine racks made of Redwood, Knotty Alder, and Mahogany. All of these wood species are highly resistant to decay and warping, and they can withstand the humid conditions in climate-controlled wine cellars.   

Wood is also easy to work with. We have different styles of wine racks that can be combined to create an impressive wine display. 


If you want your wine racks to exhibit soft and elegant tones, Redwood is an excellent choice for your racking. Keep in mind that the color of this wood becomes richer over time, creating a rustic appeal. You can leave your Redwood wine racks unstained and still enjoy its natural beauty.   

You may choose between Premium and All Heart Redwood. Premium Redwood will suit you if you want wine racks with lighter tones.  

Knotty Alder: Widely Used by Wine Rack Manufacturers in Seattle  

Elegant Knotty Alder Wine Racks Designed by a Master Builder in Seattle

Elegant Knotty Alder Wine Racks Designed by a Master  Custom Wine Cellar Builder in Seattle

Another favorite wood of builders, designers, and architects is Knotty Alder. Aside from its beautiful knots and clusters, it can be stained to mimic other hardwoods.     


Mahogany is a durable and attractive type of wood. Wine racks constructed from Mahogany have excellent stability that makes them suitable for building high-density wine storage systems. They have pinkish tones and beautiful grains.   

Metal Wine Rack Systems: Styles, Features, and Benefits 

Minimalist spaces are now a trend in the design industry. If you are going for a contemporary or minimalist style, we recommend metal wine racks. Metal adds a luxurious appeal to a room using clean lines.  

In addition to aesthetic appeal, metal custom wine racks are also space-efficient. They can be easily installed in spaces under the stairs, hallways, walk-in closets, and other narrow areas in your home or business. Another advantage of metal wine racks is that they are easy to clean and maintain.    

VintageView Wine Racks: a Top-Notch Provider of Contemporary Wine Storage Systems in Seattle 

Custom Wine Cellar Cabinet with VintageView Wine Racks Completed by an Seattle Builder

Custom Wine Cellar Cabinet with VintageView Wine Racks Completed by a Seattle Builder

One of our trusted providers of metal racking is VintageView. Their Evolution Series wine racks are standalone units.  

They also have floor-to-ceiling and wall-mounted wine racks. These storage racks are designed with a label forward bottle orientation to provide convenience in browsing wines. Since the labels are facing out, you do not have to flip the bottle to be able to read the wine’s description.   

PEG Series Wine Racks  

We also offer the PEG wine storage system, which makes use of stainless steel and acrylic rods. There is no need to modify the whole racking if you have a new addition to your collection. You only have to add more pegs. You can create your own design by adjusting the spacing of the rods, which are installed on a backboard. With the necks facing out, it will be easy for you to grab a bottle of wine.   

Kit Wine Racks for a Growing Collection 

We have kit wooden wine racks, which we recommend for those who are beginners in wine collecting. If you are planning to increase the number of bottles in your collection, you can start with a few stackable wine racks and add more to expand your racking. We also have ready-built metal wine racks, which are available in various heights and styles.  

Custom Wine Racks    

Do you want to have a wine rack system that reflects your personal style? At Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, we customize wine racks so you can incorporate your design and add unique features to your wine cellar.  

Custom wine racks are more expensive than kit racks. However, they will be manufactured according to the size and shape of your room.   

Invest in a High-Quality Racking System. Hire a Master Builder in Seattle. 

Your wine racks play a crucial role in the overall functionality and appeal of your wine cellar. Custom Wine Cellars Seattle offers various types of wine storage systems that cater to your needs. Our creative team will build racks that will display your collection exceptionally.  

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced builder, talk to one of our specialists at  +1 (206) 792-9912