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Resources for Builders and Contractors

Do you have a tough residential or commercial project? Classic Cellars is here to help.

At Classic Cellars, we love working with general contractors, builders, and interior designers on their projects. No project is too big or too small for our team of experts. When your project involves the creation of a residential or commercial wine storage space, we’re here to help take some of the stress off your plate.

We can work on any level of a wine storage project, ranging from a full turn-key design and build to individual components of a project, such as cooling systems, lighting, flooring, doors, racking, insulation, and more.

For Builders and General Contractors

We are proud to offer our services on any project you’re working on. Custom wine cellar construction can present a number of distinct challenges that many builders aren’t prepared for. Our highly skilled and trained team can help you avoid stumbling blocks and get your project started on the right foot from the beginning.

We can design and build residential or commercial wine cellars of any size, and we can work within most budgets. Working on a wine closet or wine walls in a private residence? We can build it for you. Remodeling a restaurant or hotel and needing help with a large wine or liquor display? We’ve got you covered. No matter the project, Classic is here to help.

You’ve got a lot to manage, let Custom Wine Cellars Seattle help relieve some of the pressure.

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We are well-versed in all types of wine cellar design. No matter what the challenge is, we’re up to the task.

What do Classic Custom Cellars have to offer?

The team here at Classic team has extensive experience with all elements of wine cellar design and construction. Call us when you need help with:

Why is Custom Wine Cellars Seattle the right choice for your project?

  • Our team has the training, artistry, and technical skills to correctly design and build the wine storage that your client is asking for. Proper wine storage needs precise humidity and temperature control, and Classic can make sure that your project has the correct ducting, wiring, insulation, vapor barriers, and a cooling system that’s the appropriate size and strength for the size and cooling/humidity requirements of the wine storage.
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    Classic’s team are experts in residential and commercial wine cellars. Bring us in on your tough builds!

    We can help with projects of many different sizes and complexities. You want to take excellent care of your clients, so it makes sense to work with a team that has the right experience and is familiar with the needs of wine cellars in the Seattle area. It takes years of training and on-the-job experience to be able to select and install the right kind of system for a given climate and space. Make the smart choice for yourself and for your clients. Bring in the right kind of help on your challenging wine storage projects.

  • Classic can help with designing as well as construction. A wine cellar needs to be more than just a place to keep a wine collection. In addition to providing excellent protection, it should match the overall style of the home, hotel, restaurant, or bar you’re working on. Classic’s designers will take your clients’ ideas and turn them into a reality, giving them exactly what they want while making you look like a hero for bringing in the right team to serve their needs.
  • We understand wine. A wine cellar is more than just a big refrigerator and requires a precise touch. All too often, we’re called in to repair a system that was incorrectly designed and built by a well-meaning, but ill-prepared team. Each client we work with has different needs and goals, and every project is unique, but there are common elements that need to be taken into consideration on every job. Classic will ensure that nothing is forgotten or ignored, saving you and your client time, money, and heartache in the long run. We’re continually educating ourselves in the latest in storage technology, styles, materials, and more.

For Interior Designers

We know that style can be as important as functionality to your clients. We’ll work with you to create the perfect combination of both.

Wine storage systems are created to meet a variety of needs, and we understand that every client has a different vision for what they want to accomplish. We will start with an in-depth study of what your client wants to accomplish. We’ll work within your plans to make sure that your client’s wishes are met and exceeded. We are highly experienced with residential and commercial wine cellars, as well as wine closets, wine walls, and other types of displays. Classic can equip you with the expertise that your team might lack as you create your designs.

We’re here to back you up and make you look like a hero in the eyes of your clients.

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