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Genuwine Cellar Racking: A Beautiful and Innovative Option for Seattle Wine Cellars

sommelier select genuwine cellars Seattle WA

Genuwine Cellars crafts beautiful wine racking for a wide variety of applications, including this gorgeous rack system from the Sommelier Select line.

Custom Wine Cellars Seattle takes pride in our many years of designing and building dependable and aesthetically pleasing wine storage structures in Seattle, Washington State. We’ve had the opportunity to work with the best contractors, manufacturers, and master builders in the industry. Among our favorites is Genuwine Cellars. Genuwine wine racks are highly sought after because of their durability and wide range of designs.

Genuwine Custom Wine Cellars – Taking Wine Storage to Greater Heights

Genuwine Custom Wine Cellars is one of the most trusted wine storage experts. The company was founded by Robb Denomme and Lance Kingma in 1995. When the founders started Genuwine Custom Wine Cellars, they were driven by a love for high-quality woodworking. They opened the company with the vision of providing hand-made products that serve the needs of wine collectors and cellar builders.

Starting from the day they opened, Genuwine Custom Wine Cellars has built a reputation for quality and excellence. That’s why today they are one of the leading manufacturers of wine storage products. Genuwine wine racks, for example, are among the most in-demand racking systems in the United States.

The Collaborative Working Process of Genuwine Custom Wine Cellars

peg metal wine rack genuwine Custom Wine Cellars Seattle

A more modern wine cellar can be created by including Genuwine’s PEG system in your wine cellar.

Genuine Custom Wine Cellars describes its relationship with its clients as one that is collaborative, which means that it’s not a one-man show. Their team works with our designers to create praiseworthy, custom-built wine storage facilities. Since their approach is so collaborative, they can work efficiently and effectively with other design professionals, such as interior designers, architects, home builders, and general contractors.

A collaborative construction process also means that clients have the liberty to choose their level of involvement. For example, you decide to hire our team to build you a custom residential wine cellar and we decide to incorporate products from Genuwine Cellars. Our team will coordinate with a consultant from Genuwine Cellars and the process will be as follows:

  • Our team will discuss with you your wine cellar design goals
  • Our designers will create a design presentation
  • You will review the design and our team will revise any changes needed, according to your preferences
  • We begin production
  • The builders will prepare the room
  • The team will format the room’s electrical plans, as well as the climate control plans
  • We will provide a final WAD (Computer-Aided-Design) for your approval
  • As soon as you approve, we will begin building and installing your custom residential wine cellar
Custom Wine Cellars Seattle genuwine modern rack

What do you have in mind for your custom wine storage? Classic and Genuwine can create it for you!

A Wide Variety of Wine Cellar Designs to Choose From

Some clients already have a design in mind when they come to us. We only need to make their dream a reality. However, there are clients who really can’t decide on a design. We, at Custom Wine Cellars Seattle, can help you create a unique wine cellar design according to your storage needs and style preferences.

You can also check out Genuwine Cellars’ existing catalog of gorgeous custom wine storage designs. Their designs cater to a wide range of personalities and home styles. Their catalog includes cellar designs that from traditional to modern wine cellars. They have designs for both residential and commercial wine storage facilities.

Genuwine Cellars Only Used High-Quality Materials for All Their Products

Custom Wine Cellars Seattle loves working with Genuwine Cellars and using their products because we are always assured of the quality of their materials, especially Genuwine wine racks. Genuwine Cellars is reputable for using only the world’s finest construction materials.

label link genuwine Seattle Washington State

If something like this is more to your liking, be sure to ask us about the Genuwine Label Link series. We want you to love your wine cellar!

Genuine wooden wine racks are made from premium and exotic wood species. Moreover, their metal racking systems are also made from commercial-grade steel! Genuine Cellars offers premium wood and metal finishes as well. All their products are known for their longevity and durability. You can be sure that your custom wine cellar is built to last for many, many years!

Genuwine Wine Racks and Other Products Are Made by Wine Storage Experts!

At Custom Wine Cellars Seattle we love working Genuwine Cellars because our founders share the same passion for wine. Our teams are all knowledgeable about the unique storage needs of wine. We understand that wines should not merely be stored in any climate-controlled facility, but rather in one that is specifically designed to keep them in their ideal storage temperature and humidity. With that knowledge, our teams have been trained extensively to build structures and solutions that would meet these storage needs.

Besides functionality, the aesthetic value of a wine storage structure is also an important factor. That is why we make sure that our team is always updated with the latest trends in wine cellar styles. We truly adore the design catalog from Genuwine Cellars because not only does it contain traditional and timeless cellar designs, but also modern and contemporary styles. Whether you want a cozy, rustic wine cellar or a sleek, glass enclosed wine cabinet, we can help build it for you!

Custom Wine Cellars Seattle and Genuwine Wine Cellars are Your Dream Team!

If you want to turn a tiny closet into a wine storage facility, we can help you! If you want to build a modern wine room with beautiful Genuwine wine racks installed, we can help you! There is no wine cellar, residential or commercial, that the combined teams of Custom Wine Cellars Seattle and Genuwine Cellars cannot build. Our teams are both experienced and skilled in building all types of wine storage solutions. Give us a call today through +1 (206) 792-9912!